James F Hare
Photo of James F Hare

Professor and Assoc. Head

Office 222 Bio-Sci Bldg.

Research Interests

Biodiversity, Ecology and Environment, Evolution and maintenance of sociality, Social behaviour, costs and benefits of group living, sociality, social parasitism, kin, neighbour and individual recognition, proximate mechanisms of recognition, antipredator behaviour, alarm-calling, vocal communication, chemical defense, emphasis on field studies of ground-dwelling squirrels and laboratory studies of slave-making ants

Recent Publications

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Upcoming Seminars

General seminar: Chenhua Li, MSc. Defense: “Improving the accuracy of stable isotope analysis in ecological studies of wildlife and helminth parasites” — Tuesday, August 1 at 10 a.m., 304 Biological Sciences.

General seminar: Dawn Pond MSc. Defense: “Floral Visitor Diversity and Efficiency in the Sub-apline Herb Polemonium brandegeei: The role of Seconday Visitors in Pollination” — Friday, August 4 at 10 a.m., 304 Biological Sciences.

General seminar: Samantha Lee MSc. Defense: “Eletrophysiological characterization of catecholamine-containing GFP expressing dissociated mouse area postrema neurons and their response to GLP-1 receptor agonists” — Thursday, August 17 at 1 p.m., 304 Biological Sciences.