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Pandemic Planning

Pandemic Planning Committee
Pandemic Planning Steering Committee

The University of Manitoba has appointed a Pandemic Planning Steering Committee chaired by the Vice President (Administration) with representation from various sectors of the University community.

This committee is charged with responsibility for developing and implementing the pandemic plan and taking recommendations to the Administration for consideration and/or approval by Senate or the Board of Governors, as appropriate.

The members of the Steering Committee are:

Mr. Paul Kochan, Vice President (Administration) - Chair
Dr. Richard Sigurdson, Dean, Faculty of Arts
Dr. Mark Whitmore, Dean, Faculty of Science
Dr. David Morphy, Vice Provost, Student Affairs
Dr. Digvir Jayas, Associate Vice President (Research)
Mr. Clark Cunningham, Associate Vice President (Administration)
Ms. Pat Reid, Director, Ancillary Services
Mr. Mike Langedock, CIO, Information Services and Technology
Mr. Tom Hay, Comptroller
Mr. Terry Voss, Executive Director, Human Resources
Mr. Joe Danis, Director, Housing and Student Life
Mr. John Danakas, Director, Public Affairs
Ms. Tamara Bodi, Communications Officer, Public Affairs
Mr. Brian Rivers, Director, Physical Plant
Ms. Linda Lavallee, Director, Security Services
Dr. Lynn Smith, Executive Director, Student Services
Mr. John Van Delden, Director, Environmental Health and Safety
Ms. Cathy Anstey, Executive Director, UMSU
Mr. Alan Scott, Office of Risk Management
Ms. Debby Brown, Associate Director, Libraries
Mr. Keith McConnell, Director of Operations, Faculty of Medicine
Dr. Joanne Embree, Head, Medical Microbiology/Pediatrics
Mr. Greg Juliano, General Counsel, Legal Services
Dr. Ken Hahlweg, Director, University Health Service

Resource People:
Ms. Leta Beyak, Manager, Bookstore
Ms. Julia Panchyshyn, Assistant, Ancillary Services

Mr. Paul Robinson

University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada