University of Manitoba

Pandemic Planning

What are my responsibilities as an employee?

Employees are expected to:

  • Immediately contact their supervisor if they are experiencing any influenza symptoms.
  • Follow the directions of their supervisor, including immediately departing campus and contacting their physician by telephone.

If a University campus shutdown has been announced, employees are expected to:

  • Report to their supervisors/managers/department heads prior to leaving campus.
  • Remain off-campus during the campus shut-down with the exception of those employees identified as Essential Service Providers.
  • Keep in contact with their Department Head by phone or email and/or the University through the Main Home Page and Jump portal to determine the state of alert on the campus and establish when they are to return.

Once a re-opening of the campus has been announced, employees are expected to:

  • Report to work on the identified day, unless they have been advised otherwise by their supervisor/manager/department head.
  • If they are unable to report they are to contact their department head to indicate the reason (e.g. under quarantine, nursing an Infected Person, are ill with the Pandemic Influenza, etc.)

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