University of Manitoba

Pandemic Planning

Goals of the University of Manitoba During a Pandemic

To the extent possible, and subject to resources being available, the University shall endeavour to meet the following goals:

1. The University of Manitoba community will strive to preserve and protect the health and safety of all its members.

2. The University will continue to operate as normally as possible to minimize disruption of instruction and research, protect and preserve the academic experience and workplace environment.

3. Communication to students, staff, other members of the University community and the general public will be a priority prior to, during and following a pandemic.

4. The University will ensure people and processes are in place to maintain control of its campuses throughout a pandemic.

5. To the best of the University’s ability, students’ needs will be accommodated and students will be provided the flexibility necessary to complete course work and exams.

6. The University will be steadfast in its commitment to return to normal following a pandemic.

University Information - academic, research, and human resources protocol assumptions during and after a pandemic

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