University of Manitoba

Pandemic Planning

What are my responsibilities as a student?

All students are asked to remain off campus and not attend classes if they are showing flu symptoms. They should also contact their Department office.

All students are encouraged to prepare themselves and their families to avoid significant impacts due to emergency situations. If a University shutdown has been announced, students are expected to:

  • Remain off-campus during the campus shut-down whenever possible.
  • Keep in contact with the University through the Main Home Page to determine the state of alert on the campus and establish when they are to return. Emergency information has been provided via the University of Manitoba website via the Main Emergency Information number (474-8636) or via e-mail.

Once a re-opening of the campus has been announced, students are expected to:

  • Report to class on the identified day.
  • If they are unable to report to class due to quarantine, nursing an Infected Person, or are ill with the Pandemic Influenza, they can contact their Department office.


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