Payment Methods

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

The computer-to-computer exchange of business data in standard formats. In EDI, information is organized according to a specified format set by both parties, allowing a "hands-off" computer transaction that requires no human intervention or rekeying on either end. All information contained in an EDI transaction set is, for the most part, the same as on a conventionally printed document.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) 

A system of transferring money from one bank account directly to another without any paper money changing hands, EFT is safe, secure, efficient.


Visa Purchasing Cards (US Bank Canada) are available to all administrative personnel of the University for the purchase of low-dollar goods and services not otherwise offered through Systems Contracts and like agreements.  Purchase transactions with the Purchasing Card are limited to $2500.00 per supplier per day.  Orders with the Purchasing Card can be placed directly with the supplier of your choice by telephone, fax, mail or in person.  The Purchasing Card can be used to purchase books, subscriptions, conference registrations, software, memberships, videos and hundreds of other business related expenses.  The Purchasing Card Program is administered by Travel Services. 


Supplier Payment Services is able to print cheques in Canadian or US currency.

Foreign Payments

Supplier Payment Services is able to process foreign wires or drafts though the Toronto Dominion Bank, there is a fee charged by the Toronto Dominion Bank for submitting wires or drafts in foreign currency.

Direct Deposit 

This method of payment is provided to employees for reimbursement on Travel or Petty Cash forms.