Governing Documents: Staff
Effective Date:
May 28, 2007
Revised Date:
Review Date:
May 28, 2017
Approving Body:
Administration: President
Policy: Administrative Leave for Academic Administrators
President; Delegated to Vice-President (Academic) and Provost, and Vice-President (Administration)
Executive Director of Human Resources
Applies to:
Board of Governors; Employees: See List

This Policy applies to the following employee groups identified in Procedures: Employee Organizations and Employment Groups:

a) Academic Staff Excluded from Bargaining Units as Members of the Board
b) Senior Administrative Academic Staff
c) Administrative Academic Staff
d) GFT (Geographic Full-time) Academic Staff
e) Other Academic Staff
f) Academic Staff in the UMDCSA (University of Manitoba Dental and Clinical Staff Association) Bargaining Unit

1.0 Reason for Procedure(s)

To set out Procedures secondary to the Policy entitled "Administrative Leave for Academic Administrators":

2.0 Procedure(s)

2.1 Eligibility

2.1.1 Administrative leaves are available to full-time academic staff with tenured, continuing or probationary appointments who are also appointed to positions as academic administrators in one of the above mentioned employee groups.

2.1.2 Academic administrators must have completed the appropriate amount of full-time service as an administrator in order to apply for an administrative leave.

2.2 Administrative Leaves

2.2.1 There are two (2) kinds of administrative leaves:

(a) a half administrative leave consisting of six (6) continuous months at 100% of base salary; and
(b) a full administrative leave consisting of twelve (12) continuous months at 100% of base salary.

2.2.2 A twelve (12) month leave shall normally begin on July 1st .

2.2.3 A six (6) month leave shall normally begin on either January 1st or July 1st .

2.2.4 If sufficient justification is given, initiation of an administrative leave on a date other than the above may be approved by the Vice-President (Academic) and Provost if recommended by the appropriate dean/director.

2.2.5 Each department/faculty/school should plan the administrative leaves of its academic administrators well in advance and make arrangements to secure replacements early so that administrative leaves are not delayed.

2.3 Service Requirements

2.3.1 An administrative leave differs from a research/study leave in that an academic administrator must have completed either a total of five (5) continuous years of service as an academic administrator for a full leave or three (3) continuous years of service as an academic administrator for a half leave. Service as an academic administrator in an "Acting" capacity shall be included in determining eligibility.

2.3.2 An academic administrator earns a half research/ study leave credit towards administrative leave or research/study leave for every half year of full-time service as an academic administrator with the University. The maximum accumulation is 9 research/study leave credits, except where a leave application is denied in accordance with 2.4.4.

2.3.3 An academic administrator shall be eligible for a full administrative leave after accumulating five (5) or more research/study leave credits and satisfying the provisions of 2.3.1 above.

2.3.4 An academic administrator shall be eligible for a half administrative leave after accumulating three (3) or more research/study leave credits as an academic administrator.

2.3.5 For the purpose of calculating eligibility for an administrative leave, paid leaves other than research/study leaves and administrative leaves shall be counted as time spent in full-time service with the University.

2.3.6 Unpaid leaves of absence shall not be counted as time spent in full-time service with the University.

2.3.7 An academic administrator is not eligible to apply for an administrative leave unless there is a minimum of one year between the end of the academic staff member's previous research/study or administrative leave and the start date of any proposed leave.

2.4 Application for Administrative Leave

2.4.1 Academic administrators who are eligible for administrative leave may make application by October 1st of the year immediately preceding the academic year for which the administrative leave is requested. Applications shall be made in writing and on the appropriate application form. Normally decisions on the granting of administrative leaves will be made at least six (6) months prior to the commencement of the administrative leave.

2.4.2 An application for an administrative leave shall require a positive recommendation by the person to whom the applicant reports and/or approval by the Vice-President (Academic) and Provost. If an application is not supported, concerns with the application will be provided in writing to the academic administrator who may resubmit his/her application within two (2) weeks of the notification of concerns. The leave proposal shall be evaluated in relation to the academic priorities of the department/faculty/school.

2.4.3 The Dean/Director/Vice-President (Academic) and Provost, as is appropriate, will advise an academic administrator if his/her application for administrative leave is denied and provide the reasons for the denial indicating the accumulated eligibility of the academic administrator as of the date of the denial.

2.4.4 In the event that an application for an administrative leave is not granted due to the academic priorities of the department/faculty/school, the application shall receive prior consideration on the next application. In such circumstances, if the academic administrator has the maximum number of research/study leave credits, he/she shall receive a full research/study leave credit in the case of denial of a full leave and a half research/study leave credit in the case of denial of a half leave. No more than one (1) research/study leave credit, or half research/study leave credit may be received by an academic administrator in respect of an application for leave proposed to be taken during any one (1) academic year.

2.5 Obligations Related to the Administrative Leave

2.5.1 An academic administrator who has taken an administrative leave shall be under an obligation to return to the University for a period of time equal to his/her the duration of his/her administrative leave. The President may waive the obligation to return. In cases where the obligation to return is waived, the academic staff member may be required to reimburse the University for the remuneration (including salary and benefits) received from the University while on leave up to the effective date of the accepted resignation. An academic administrator who does not return to the University at the expiration of his/her administrative leave shall be deemed to have voluntarily resigned.

2.5.2 The President shall be the sole administrative officer of the University with the authority to waive the requirement to reimburse the University for failure to return for the period mentioned in 2.5.1 following an administrative leave.

2.5.3 Within two (2) months following the end of the administrative leave, the academic administrator shall submit a written report to the person to whom he or she reports (dean/director, Vice-President (Academic) and Provost, Vice-President (Research) or President) on the research and scholarly work which was accomplished during the leave. The report may be circulated to all academic staff in the department and to the Vice- President (Academic) and Provost/Vice-President (Research) or the President.

2.6 Remuneration During the Administrative Leave

2.6.1 Except with the permission of the Vice-President (Academic) and Provost, an academic administrator on administrative leave shall not undertake paid assignments or seek out a new appointment.

2.6.2 Unless approved in advance by his/her dean/director/Vice-President (Academic) and Provost, an academic administrator shall not be entitled to remuneration from all sources in excess of 100% of his/her base salary received from the University for full-time service. Such approval is not required for any amount paid in the form of a research grant or for payment from an external source for round-trip travel costs for the academic administrator and dependents.

2.6.3 The University may reduce its normal contribution to administrative leave remuneration if the academic staff member's total remuneration exceeds the amount provided in 2.6.2.

2.6.4 While on administrative leave an academic administrator may apply to have a portion of his/her salary paid in the form of a research grant.

2.6.5 Academic administrators on administrative leave are eligible to apply for loans from the Hogg Trust Fund.

2.6.6 If an academic administrator who has applied for and been granted an administrative leave receives a stipend related to administrative service, that stipend shall cease to be paid during the period of the administrative leave.

2.7 Other Conditions for Administrative Leaves

2.7.1 Once an administrative leave has been granted, it is normally expected that the leave will be taken.

2.7.2 An academic administrator is eligible for promotion and salary increase effective at the normal time of year.

2.7.3 Staff benefits and pension coverage and participation during the administrative leave are subject to the provisions of the benefits/pension plans.

3.0 Accountability

3.1 The University Secretary is responsible for advising the President that a formal review of the Procedure is required.

3.2 The Executive Director of Human Resources is responsible for the communication, administration and interpretation of this Procedure.

3.3 The Vice-President (Academic) and Provost is responsible for decisions on the academic merits of an application for an administrative leave.

4.0 Review

4.1 Formal Procedure reviews will be conducted every ten (10) years. The next scheduled review date for this Procedure is May 28, 2017.

4.2 In the interim, this Procedure may be revised or rescinded if:

(a) the Vice-President (Administration) or the President deems necessary; or
(b) the relevant Policy is revised or rescinded.

5.0 Effect on Previous Statements

5.1 This Policy supersedes:

(a) all previous Board/Senate Policies, Procedures, and resolutions on the subject matter herein;
(b) all previous Administration Policies, Procedures, and directives on the subject matter contained herein; and
(c) Policy 1013 Leaves for Academic Administrators (May 26, 1994).

6.0 Cross References

Cross referenced to: Policy Administrative Leave for Academic Administrators