Unit & Team Workshops

Unit Based Supporst

 Learning & Organizational Development offers unit-based workshops and training. The following short workshops are suitable for team-building days or retreats. Minimum and maximum registrations apply.

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DiSC Everything Workplace
Building Cultural Capacity
Building High Performing Teams
Building Your Team Charter
Social Intelligence
Workload Balance and Stress
Service Excellence



DiSC Everything Workplace (3 hours)

  • Particpants will receive a personalized Everything DiSC Workplace profile which provides each team member with an overview of their preferred communications styles and preferred method for working with others. Throughout the workshop participants will work towards understand the behaviours and priorities of each style, and how we can leverage this knowledge to work more effectively with each other.  The workshop includes small and large group discussions, individual and group work, and roles plays.

Building Cultural Capacity (2 hours)

  • Human beings are way too complicated to see people as “them” or “others”.  D & I strives to increase the sense of “us” while reducing the feelings of “them”. This is an interactive session where you will participate in a Diversity & Inclusion SWOC analysis of your unit; explore ways to maximize strengths, and turn challenges into opportunities for inclusion. Participants will examine the value of moving out of our comfort zones, embracing the differences of others and realizing our lives are richer because of it.  Discussion will focus on the value of finding common ground with people and how it changes relationships. During the workshop, participants will explore ways to navigate cultural differences and recognize when unconscious bias might be influencing decision making. This session includes small and large group discussions, learning activities and videos.

 Building High Performance Teams (2 hours)

  • Participants will examine the characteristics of high performance teams and explore the five dysfunctions of a team. Drawing upon the experiences of working together as an intact team, discussion will focus on analyzing current team collaborations and developing ways to move forward as a high performing team. Topics include Tuckman’s five stages of group development and several leadership styles. This session includes small and large group discussions, brainstorming activities, and solution-focused problem solving.

Building Your Team Charter (2 hours)

  • Participants will work together as a team to identify the characteristics that unify them as they shape their vision of how to move forward in developing and achieving common goals. During the workshop, participants will create a list of the values that guide and support their work. As a team, they will reach consensus to create a written charter that will inform their future actions. 

Social Intelligence & Teamwork (2 hours)

  • Participants will examine aspects of social intelligence and how they impact and influence relationships in the workplace. By identifying the social intelligence characteristics within ourselves and recognizing these characteristics in others, participants will develop approaches to working with others more effectively. The session contains self-identifying activities, large group activities and one-on-one role play.

Workload Balance & Stress (2 hours)

  • Participants will examine the characteristics of stress and stressors and the relationship between them in the workplace. Discussion will include topics related to building capacity to manage personal stress and how to build resiliency. Conversations focus on the advantages and disadvantages of stress, signs and symptoms of stress and ways to identify healthy stress. During the workshop, participants will explore ways to approach work and workload and ways to increase personal efficacy while managing daily workload. This session includes small and large group discussions, learning games and videos.

 Service Exellence (2 hours)

  • Participants will explore the importance of the interactions between colleagues and those they help, inform, support or provide assistance. During the workshop they will examine the role of staff as ambassadors for the university and the importance of students, clients, and colleagues perception and expectation. The workshop will include practical exercises and skill building in the areas of service excellence at the university including etiquette, building rapport, improving positive communication skills, meeting expectations and maintaining satisfaction.


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