This page is intended to answer any questions you may have on what information is asked for on the application form.

Please remember to fill out the form completely and send it to Learning & Organizational Development as soon as you have registered in the course. 


Degree-credit courses

  • A Degree-Credit Course is a course that can be applied to a degree at the University of Manitoba. You do not have to be working toward a degree and you can be taking the course through Distance and Online Education.

Degree program 

  • A graduate degree program (Masters or Doctoral), where fees are paid annually instead of being paid on a course-by-course basis.

Use the “Tuition Fee Remission” form


Non-degree courses

  • Any course that is not a Degree-Credit Course offered at the University of Manitoba falls into the Non-degree-Credit Course category, including degree-credit courses taken at other institutions.

Use the “Staff Development Request” form

*If a course, offered at the University of Manitoba, is taken at a different institution reimbursement may be denied.




  • Forms can be found at this link and filled out online or printed.

Part A

“Employee #” This is a 6-digit number and can be found on your pay stub. On a Staff ID Card, it is the 6 digits before the “-2”.
“Employee Group” This is a drop-down menu.
“Department” Please indicate the department or section name where you receive your mail, for example, “Dean’s Office, Arts” rather than just “Faculty of Arts”.

Tuition Fee Remission

“Course Number(s)” At the UofM, this is a 4-letter department code and a 4-digit course # (e.g., STAT 1000)
“Course Title(s)” When taking a 6-credit-hour course, Aurora requires you to register in “Part A” and “Part B” because of the way the system is structured. When filling out the Tuition Fee Remission form, just put the course name (e.g., “Twentieth Century Literature” rather than “Twentieth Century Literature, Part A” on one line and “Twentieth Century Literature, Part B” on a second line).
“Cost” On your fee statement, this will be indicated as “Tuition” (e.g., “Arts Tui- tion”). If possible, please indicate the cost for each course.
“Graduate Program” This line is filled out only if you are registered in a graduate program and are paying the annual graduate program fee. If you are registered in a graduate program, the start and end dates will be September 1 and August 31.
“Start Date” & “End Date” Please put the actual start and end dates rather than just the month and year. If you are taking more than 1 course that begin and end on the same dates (or within a few days of the same date), you may put them on the same form.

Staff Development Request

“Course Title” The name of the course is sufficient; a course number is not necessary.
“Institution” If you are taking a course at the UofM, please indicate the unit offering the course (e.g., “UofM - Extended Education”, “UofM, CHERD”).
“Start Date” & “End Date” Please put the actual start and end dates rather than just the month and year. If you are taking more than 1 course that begin and end on the same dates (or within a few days of the same date), you may put them on the same form.

Please remember to sign and date the form before sending it to your Dean/Director/Head of Ad- ministrative Unit! 

Part B

The signature of your Dean/Director/Head of Administrative Unit

  • If you are in an academic Faculty: your Dean

  • If you are in an academic School: your Director
If you are in an administrative Unit: your Director
Tuition Fee Remission

If you are registered in a graduate program, you cannot be reimbursed unless the Dean or Direc- tor confirms that this program is for a change in specialization and they must attach a memo to that effect.

Proof of Registration

You can send in your proof of registration either with the form or when you send in your proof of completion. This is indicated after the list of courses being taken. Any of the following proofs of registration can be sent.

Tuition Fee Remission - UofM Course

    1.    Log in as a staff member, rather than as a student (or, if you don’t have access to Aurora as staff, ask your department secretary), and print out the fee statement*; this will ensure your name is on the statement.
    2.    If you cannot print out a copy as a staff member, there will be no identifying information on the statement. In that case, please write your name and employee # on the statement.
You only need to send the pages of the fee statement for the terms in which you're taking the course.

Tuition Fee Remission - Any Other Institution Staff Development

    1.    Fee statement
    2.    Confirmation of Registration letter (that shows the amount paid)
    3.    Registration form
    4.    Credit card or Debit card receipt (please black out the card #)
If the fees are paid in currency other than Canadian, please provide documentation that shows the actual amount paid in Canadian dollars.

Sending in the Form

When the form has been completed and signed, please send (or drop off) a hard copy of the original form with original signatures to:

Learning & Organizational Development
137 Education Bldg

Approval of the Vice-President (Academic) & Provost

Learning & Organizational Development must provide some information that is required by the Vice- President (Academic) & Provost. Once that information is supplied, the form will be sent for approval.
Learning & Organizational Development will be informed when the reimbursement is approved and you will be sent a blue photocopy of the form showing that approval. Please file this copy.

When the Course is Finished

Send the blue approved copy of your application along with a copy of your proof of successful completion (mark statement for the course, certificate, letter from the instructor confirming attendance) and a copy of your proof of payment (if not already sent) to Learning & Organizational Development.

When the proof of successful completion is received, the reimbursement will be processed.

Tuition Fee Remission The amount of tuition that was paid to the UofM is confirmed by Student Records. For tuition paid to other institutions, the reim-
bursement is based on the proof of payment provided.
Staff Development Request The reimbursement is based on the proof of payment provided.


The information is sent to Payroll for processing and is paid on your pay cheque. The reimbursement will appear as “Tuition Reimbursement” in the left- hand column of your pay stub.

If you have any questions regarding any of this information, about your personal eligibility, about course eligibility or any thing else, please contact Lynn Bohonos at 474-9124 or

*The Account Summary that shows the fee breakdown is preferable to one that shows only the account balance by term.