UM Careers Updates
Academic Job Postings - October 19, 2017

Unfortunately, the academic database where academic positions (UMFA, Other Academic, CRCs, CUPE Librarians) are posted no longer functions. Although current postings are displayed, no new postings can be added. See:
Human Resources and IST have determined that fixing this database is not a viable solution; instead, the posting of the academic positions will be migrated to the new UM Careers recruitment platform.  
We hope this new platform will be ready November 5. Until that time, academic positions cannot be posted on the UM website. HR will continue to assist you posting positions in CAUT and UA, and other venues as directed.
If you have any questions, please contact Sonya Penner at or 474-8359.

Non-Posted Requisitions (CUPE 3909) in REACH-UM - October 17, 2017

In preparation for the “posting freeze” from October 27 through November 5, we can no longer allow any CUPE 3909 (Sessional or Student) jobs to be posted on REACH-UM.  We must allow for a posting duration of 14 calendar days and so the last day to post was Friday, October 13.  CUPE 3909 jobs posted on that day will be able to be posted a full 14 calendar days by October 27.

You may still post support staff positions until this Friday, October 20 as they must only be posted for a minimum of 5 working days.

However, some of you may need to appoint CUPE 3909 Sessionals or Students (TAs, Grader/Markers, etc.) through a “non-posted” requisition.  Because we have had to remove access to these types of positions in REACH-UM, you can no longer create the non-posted requisitions online.

In the interim:

  • If you are able to wait until November 6 to create a non-posted requisition in UM Careers, please do so.
  • If you cannot wait and only have a few individuals to appoint, please use the Short-Time/Part-Time (STPT) form accessible through JUMP. 
  • If you cannot wait and have a high volume of individuals to appoint, please send an email to me and we can discuss options.

This is a temporary measure.  You will be able to create non-posted requisitions through UM Careers on November 6.

UM Careers Launches in November - October 17, 2017

Early November 2017, the University of Manitoba will change its online recruiting system from REACH-UM to UM Careers. UM Careers will be the place to post and apply for the many great job opportunities at the University of Manitoba.

We want to highlight a few important changes for all account holders.

Posting Freeze Period

There will be a posting freeze period from October 27 through November 5 where no jobs will be posted. We will resume posting jobs online through UM Careers on or shortly after November 6, 2017.

Your Current Resumes, Cover Letters, Documents

As you are an account holder in REACH-UM, we are writing to let you know that we will NOT be moving any of your documents over to UM Careers. If you wish to print or download copies of your documents for your own records, please do so by November 5.  

Downloading and/or printing your documents is optional — it is not a requirement.  Please be assured that any resumes, cover letters and other documents that you have uploaded into REACH-UM will be securely archived.

Downloading Your Documents

If you do opt to download or print your documents, log into your REACH-UM account and download your documents by November 5.

Once logged in, go to the tab Career Center, then click on the link called Attachments.  On the far right side of the webpage, you will see the header called Action(s). Click on the red arrow to download or print your items.
Your NEW account in UM Careers

If you are an external applicant (not a U of M employee), then you will need to create an account in UM Careers if you wish to apply for our jobs. You may create a UM Careers account any time after November 6.

If you are a current U of M employee and have access to the Employee Self-Service through the JUMP portal, you will NOT need to create an account as you will have access to UM Careers through JUMP, effective November 6.

For more information on UM Careers, including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), please visit the UM Careers web page accessible through the Human Resources website.

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