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Lori Yarchuk
Associate Vice-President

 Saman Siddiqui
Executive Assistant

John Danakas
Executive Director, Public Affairs

 Strategic Communications & Client Relations | Marketing & Creative | Digital Strategy & Engagement 


Lindsay Stewart Glor, Director 204-474-9368

   Media Relations
      Chris Rutkowski, Media Relations                                204-474-9514
      Sean Moore, Media Relations                                         204-474-7963
      Rob Nay, UM Today News Coordinator 204-474-9597

   Indigenous Achievement, Research & International, Internal Projects
   & President's Office Communications
      Andrea Bilash, Manager


      Janine Harasymchuk, Communications Officer (Research & Int'l) 204-474-7300
      Mariianne Mays Wiebe, Communications Officer, (Internal Projects) 204-474-8111
      Lee-Anne Van Buekenhout, Communications Officer (NCTR) 204-474-6959
      Andrea Danelak, Communications Officer 204-474-9908
      Ellen Paulley, Communications Officer 204-4749716

   Students & Faculties
      Lindsay Duke, Manager 204-480-1472
      Catherine-Grace Peters, Communications Officer 204-480-1475
      Heather Saxton, Communications Officer 204-474-6009
      Jaclyn Obie, Communications Officer 204-474-6357
      Cory Cameron, Communications Officer 204-474-7116
      Jaclyn Forbes, Communications Officer 204-474-6907

   Alumni & Donor Relations
      Hannah Pratt, Manager 204-474-8043
      Brandon Boone, Communications Officer 204-480-1422
      Eva Janssen, Proposal Writer 204-474-8910
      Heather Olynick, Advancement Writer 204-474-9139


Marla Chow, Director                                                                                   204-474-9920

   Design & Creative
      Karen Niedzwiecki, Manager, Design and Creative 204-474-6106
      Kathryn Carnegie, Senior Graphic Designer  204-474-8511   
      Jennifer St. Laurent, Senior Graphic Designer  204-474-7241 
      Kaitlin O'Toole, Senior Graphic Designer 204-474-8549
      Pat Goss, Graphic Designer 204-474-8388 
      Chui Choy, Graphic Designer  204-474-7811 
      Satwinder Sangha, Production Coordinator 204-474-8952 
      Lindsay Moore, Production Coordinator 204-474-9727
      Melanie Vanderhorst, Production Assistant 204-474-9304

   UM Today: The Magazine
      Katie Chalmers-Brooks, Editor & Writing Lead    204-4747184

      Lindsey Wiebe, Manager 204-272-1564
      Abigail Myers, Communications Officer 204-474-7436
      Kent Goldie, Market Research Specialist 204-272-1624


Paul Lacap, Director   204-480-1064

   Digital Content Strategy
      Michael Marshall, Manager                                                                    204-474-7962 

   Digital Projects
      Janice Labossiere, Team Lead  204-474-6214 
      Jamie Isfeld, Web Developer  204-474-9924 
      Chris Reid, Digital Content Coordinator 204-474-8744 
      Kylie-Ann Crystoval, Digital Content Creator

   Digital Marketing 
      Jack Rach, Social Media Coordinator 204-474-6291 
      Megan Dudeck, Digital Marketing Coordinator 204-474-6294


Marketing Communications Office
200 - 137 Innovation Drive
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | R3T 6B6

Phone: 204-474-8346
Fax: 204.474.7631