Academic Program Review

In response to a University of Manitoba Task Force on Strategic Planning (February 1998) a set of evaluative criteria for assessing existing academic programs, and a process to review all academic programs was devised with the goal to maintain the academic integrity of academic programs at the University of Manitoba.  Senate initially approved the document outlining the criteria and the process in May 2000, encapsulated in the policy on Academic Program Reviews.  In 2005, Senate approved a revised Academic Program Reviews Policy and related procedures.  The 2005 documents remain current.

Undergraduate programs and graduate programs are reviewed independently at the University of Manitoba.  Please refer to the links below for details on the respective review processes . 

Undergraduate Program Reviews ▶

Each undergraduate program shall be reviewed at least once every ten (10) years, on a schedule set by the Provost and Vice-President (Academic). Please refer to the link below for further information on the undergraduate program review process and the undergraduate review schedule.

Graduate Program Reviews ▶

All graduate programs are reviewed on a seven (7) year cycle based on a schedule set by the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Please refer to the link below to access further information on the graduate program review process as well as the graduate review schedule.


Dr. Todd Mondor
Deputy Provost (Academic Planning and Programs)

Cassandra Davidson
Academic Programs Specialist


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