Articulation Agreement Approval Process

Outlined below are the stages of the articulation agreement proposal process. Note that at any stage in this process, the proposed program proposal may be returned requiring additional information prior to moving forward.

Prior to starting the process, it is recommended that the UM program contact the Vice-Provost (Integrated Planning & Academic Programs) to discuss the proposed program.

For international agreements, please contact the appropriate Partnership Officer in the International Office prior to beginning the process.

Please refer to the list of contacts in the right-hand column, should you have any questions.

The UM faculty member overseeing the agreement will identify and work with the partner institute to define and develop the articulation program.  Note: international agreements must have a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) prior to proceeding with the Articulation Agreement Proposal.  For further information on international agreements, please contact the International Office.

Following identification of the partner institution, the UM program will prepare two (2) copies of the Articulation Agreement Proposal Form.  In addition to completion of this form, please also append the following:

For consideration of transfer credit and advanced standing, please complete the Coursework Mapping Form and append to the proposal.  Course syllabi should be included with this form.  Please contact the Transfer Credit Office in Enrolment Services if there are any questions on course mapping.

Upon completion of the requisite forms, the proposed articulation program will be reviewed by the Dean / Director and the relevant Faculty / School Council.  If approved, the proposal is forwarded to the Vice-Provost (Integrated Planning & Academic Programs) and the Office of the University Secretary.  

If there are associated costs with the proposed program, the proposal must include a letter from the Budget Dean detailing the costs. Any funding requests will be given consideration by the Senate Planning and Priorities Committee (SPCC). Funding requests must be submitted for SPCC on the SPCC Program Proposal Budget Form. This form will need to be appended to the Articulation Agreement Proposal.

Two copies of the paperwork, as well as an electronic copy, must be forwarded to the Office of the University Secretary as well as a copy to the Vice-Provost's office.

The proposal is reviewed and considered by the Vice-Provost (Integrated Planning & Academic Programs) and forwarded to the Office of the University Secretary to be scheduled for consideration by the appropriate Senate Standing Committees.

The proposed articulation agreement is reviewed by the appropriate Senate Standing Committees.  These committees include:

Senate Committee on Curriculum & Course Changes: to review the proposed curriculum.

Senate Committee on Admissions: to review the proposed course transfer policies.

Senate Planning and Priorities Committee: to review any associate costs or monies of the proposed program.

Once approved by the Senate Standing Committees, the proposal is forwarded to Senate for consideration. 

If approved by Senate, the proposal is forwarded to the Provost for final institutional approval and additional comments. 

Following final approval by the Provost, the forms are forwarded to the partner institution by the Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) for approval.  Note: international agreements are required to complete a Supplementary "Student Transfer Program" Agreement. Please contact the Office of International Relations for more details.

Once signed by the partner institution, the Vice-Provost (Integrated Planning & Academic Programs)  will notify the following offices of the new articulation program: Dean / Director's Office, Partner Institution, Registrar's Office, Admissions Office, Office of Institutional Analysis, Office of the University Secretary and ALD.  At this point the program can begin the admission process.

Supporting Documentation

Articulation Approval Process

Articulation Agreement Proposal Form
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Coursework Mapping Form

SPCC Program Proposal Budget Form ►

International Request for Agreement Form
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Articulation Agreement Process
Dr. David Collins
Vice-Provost (Integrated Planning & Academic Programs)   

Cassandra Davidson
Undergraduate Program Analyst

International Partnerships Officers
Contact the appropriate regional partnership officer.  Contact details available at:

Course Mapping
Jeff Huston
Transfer Credit Evaluations Co-ordinator

Office of the University Secretary
Shannon Coyston
Academic Specialist


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