Radiation Safety Program

Updated April 6, 2016

The University Radiation Safety program has three parts: 

Two parts relate to the use of ionizing radiation and have been developed in consultation with the Radiation Protection Committee.

  - Radioisotopes/Radioactive Materials Safety Program

  - Radiation Emitting Devices (X-ray Equipment) Safety Program

Link to related UM Governance documents

The third part provides support to faciliate the safe use of Lasers at the University:

 - Laser Safety Program

Regulations related to radiation safety:

Nuclear Safety and Control Act, regulations

Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health regulations, Part 18

Contact us at radsafe@umanitoba.ca, or the Radiation Safety Officer at 204 789-3613; the Radiation Safety Specialist at 204 789-3654; or the Laboratory Safety Technician at 204 789-3359. We are all located at the Bannatyne Campus in room P310 Pathology Building.