Breakfast & Brainstorms

The University of Manitoba's Government Relations Office, in partnership with the Council on Post-Secondary Education, presents the Breakfast & Brainstorms Speaker Series at the Manitoba Legislative Building.  The Series is designed to bring public policy decision makers and influencers together with University of Manitoba researchers.

The most recent session, Do We Need to "Get Tough" on Crime? Or Should We Be Asking Some "Tougher" Questions About its Causes?, was held on Thursday, January 24th, 2008.  Dr. Elizabeth Comack, a Professor and the Acting Head of the Department of Sociology at the University of Manitoba, was the speaker. 

A recent public opinion poll suggests that crime is the number one concern of Manitobans.  In response to this concern, one solution that has been advanced is to “get tough” on crime: tougher sentences such as lengthy prison terms are proposed as the remedy.  But will putting more people in prison make us safer?  Drawing on a study involving interviews with men at the Headingley Correctional Centre, Dr. Comack suggested that solutions to the problem of crime require that we ask some “tougher” questions relating to how masculinity has been constructed in our society.

Lt. to Rt.: Dr. Jayas, Associate Vice-President (Research) at the University of Manitoba, Ms. Selby, MLA, Dr. Comack, Speaker, Hon. Diane McGifford, Minister for Advanced Education and Literacy, Mr. Martindale, MLA, Ms. Marcelino, MLA

Rt. to Lt.: Dr. Jon Gerrard, Leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party, Her Honour Lenore Berscheid, Spouse of the Lieutenant Governor of Maniotoba, other guests

Back Row Lt. to Rt.: Ms. Flor Marcelino, MLA (Wellington), Mr. Doug Martindale, MLA (Burrows), Minister Kerri Irvin-Ross, Minister of Healthy Living

Centre: Mr. Bidhu Jha, MLA (Radisson)

*   *   *