Visit by Representatives from the Toronto Chinese Consulate

Three representatives from the Toronto Chinese Consulate in Toronto came to Winnipeg on a fact-finding mission to explore possible opportunities for future research cooperation with China’s Ministry of Science and Technology.

These representatives were: Tao Yuanxing, Consul for Science & Technology, Chief of Science & Technology Office; Consul Yang Shaojun, Consul for Science & Technology; and Bai Jixun, President of CAIEP Canada, China Association for International Exchange of Personnel.

As part of their mission, they visited the Fort Garry and the Bannatyne Campuses at the University of Manitoba on July 10th and 11th, respectively.  Mr. Ron Humble and Mr. Mark Chalmers from Manitoba Science, Technology, Energy and Mines accompanied the representatives.

EITC Atrium

Advanced RF Systems Laboratory of the National Microelectronics and Photonics Testing Collaboratory

Nanosytems Fabrication Laboratory

Antenna and Microwave Laboratory

University of Manitoba Administration Building

Faculty of Medicine - Dean's Boardroom

Mammalian Functional Genomics Laboratory