Visit by Delegation from Hunan Province, P.R. China

A delegation of 4 administrators from Hunan Province, China travelled to Winnipeg from March 18th to 20th, 2008 to discuss the possibility of establishing Mingde High School in Changsha Education Authority, Hunan Province, P.R. China as a Manitoba Affiliated School.  The four delegates included the Principal and Vice Principal from Mingde High School, the Director General of the Education Bureau for Changsha City, and the Managing Director of Assiniboine Education Investment and Management Co., Ltd. which is a partner with Mingde High School.  Ms. Donna Everett, Coordinator, and Ms. Courtney Edmundson, Management Intern, both with International Education, Manitoba Competitiveness, Training and Trade, accompanied the delegation.

Manitoba currently has seven affiliated schools overseas that teach the Manitoba curriculum: one each in Thailand (2001), Egypt (2006), Turkey (2006) and Japan (2004) and (as of September 2007) three in China.  Upon high school graduation, students from affiliated schools are eligible for entrance scholarships in Manitoba universities and are judged on the same basis as domestic Manitoba students.

The delegation visited the University of Manitoba on Wednesday, March 19th, 2008. 

While on campus, the delegates first met with Ms. Lianne Paturel, the Director of Student Recruitment, Enrolment Services, Mr. Garry Dyck, the Director of our English Language Centre, Mr. Tony Rogge, the Director of the International Centre for Students, Dr. Christine Blais, the Director of University 1 and Ms. Helen Wang, International Student Advisor, to discuss the opportunities available at the University for foreign students. 

The delegation then met with Dr. James Dean, the Executive Director in our Office of International Relations, Dr. David Mandzuk, an Associate Dean in our Faculty of Education, and Ms. Sandra Woloschuk, the Program Administrator, International Programs, in our Faculty of Extended Education, to discuss the potential for future collaborations between Mingde High School and the University.

The delegation with Ms. Edmundson outside the University's Administration Building