Breakfast & Brainstorms

The University of Manitoba's Government Relations Office, in partnership with the Council on Post-Secondary Education, presents the Breakfast & Brainstorms Speaker Series at the Manitoba Legislative Building.  The Series is designed to bring public policy decision makers and influencers together with University of Manitoba researchers.

The most recent session, Manitoba's Wetlands and Water in the 21st Century, was held on Thursday, January 29, 2009.  Dr. Gordon Goldsborough, an Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences and the Director of Delta Marshal Field Station at the University of Manitoba, was the speaker. 

Wetlands are among the most productive places on Earth, providing habitat for numerous plants and animals. The threats to wetlands in Manitoba, from exotic species to changes in water supplies and chemical contamination from the surrounding landscape, will be discussed.  

Dr. Goldsborough outlined some of the steps needed to restore degraded Manitoba wetlands, amid the challenges imposed by societal demands for clean water and other ecological services.

Individuals who attended the session included: Minister Diane McGifford, Manitoba's Minister of Advanced Education and Literacy;  Minister Peter Bjornson, Manitoba's Minister of Education, Citizenship and Youth; Minister Christine Melnick, Manitoba's Minister of Water Stewardship; Mr. Rob Altemeyer, MLA (Wolseley); Mr. David Faurschou, MLA (Portage la Prairie); Dr. Jon Gerrard, Leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party and MLA (River Heights); Mr. Larry Maguire, MLA (Arthur-Virden); Mr. Blaine Pedersen, MLA (Carman); Ms Heather Reichert, Deputy Minister for Advanced Education and Literacy; and Mr. Gerald Farthing, Deputy Minister for Education, Citizenship and Youth.

Back Row, Lt. to Rt.: Mr. Rob Altemeyer, MLA (Wolseley); Mr. Larry Maguire, MLA (Arthur-Virden); Honourable Peter Bjornson, Minister of Education, Citizenship & Youth; Mr. Blaine Pedersen, MLA (Carman)
Front Row, Lt. to Rt.: Mr. David Faurschou, MLA (Portage La Prairie); Honourable Jon Gerrard, Leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party and MLA (River Heights); Dr. Goldsborough, speaker; Honourable Diane McGifford, Minister of Advanced Education and Literacy; Honourable Christine Melnick, Minister of Water Stewardship