Campus Beautification Day

On Thursday, May 26, 2006, the University of Manitoba held its ninth annual Campus Beautification Day.  Volunteers from the community, student body, support staff, faculty, senior administration, alumni and retirees came out to both the Fort Garry and Bannatyne campuses in a united effort to clean up from our long winter and make way for the spring transformation.  The Government Relations Office coordinated the local politicians’ contingent of volunteers who came out to assist with the planting of flowers, cleaning of streets and weeding and raking of gardens and grounds.

Dr. Szathmáry, Joanne Keselman, Rod Bruinooge, Elaine Goldie, Debbie McCallum 

Ms Marilyn Brick, MLA and Ms Elaine Goldie, Vice-President (External)

Dr. Szathmáry, Ms Marilyn Brick, MLA and Mr. Rod Bruinooge, M.P.

Ms Marilyn Brick, MLA, Ms Debbie McCallum, Vice-President (Administration), Ms Goldie, and Dr. Joanne Keselman, Vice-President (Research)

University of Manitoba Chancellor Bill Norrie, Ms Kerri Irvin-Ross, MLA, Dr. Szathmáry, Ms McCallum and Ms Goldie

City of Winnipeg Councillor Justin Swandel, Ms Goldie, Ms McCallum and Dr. Keselman