Political Leaders visit the Variety Childrens' Dental Outreach Program

The University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Dentistry is home to a unique program that was rated the second best dental innovation program in the world by the American Association of Dental Schools.  The program, called the Variety Children’s Dental Outreach Program, allows more than 1,400 children from 12 of Winnipeg’s inner-city and North-End schools to receive dental screening and treatment at no cost to their families.  Oral health professionals from the Faculty of Dentistry go to each school to screen the children, and later refer those requiring treatment to the University of Manitoba’s dental clinic.

The Government Relations Office, in conjunction with both the Faculty of Dentistry and the External Relations on Bannatyne Office, has coordinated a number of visits by politicians to the facility.

Minister Diane McGifford, The Honourable George Hickes, Mr. Jim Maloway, MLA, Mr. Doug Martindale, MLA, and Mr. Andrew Swan, MLA visit the Variety Children's Dental Outreach Program

Visit by Stephen Fletcher, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Health

Former Minister of State (Public Health), Carolyn Bennett visit

Point Douglas Ward City of Winnipeg Councillor Mike Pagtakhan visit