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The research function of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences can be described as the discovery and sharing of knowledge as to how the basic, natural, engineering and social sciences can be applied to serve the needs of Manitoba's agri-food industry.

Many of the Faculty's efforts have helped the agri-food industry meet the challenges of production agriculture. Among the many significant research contributions of the Faculty are the development of canola as a major Canadian oilseed crop, the development of soil testing and classification methodology, farm management systems, grain storage systems, grain transportation policy formulation, mosquito control and the role of bees in crop pollination, value-added product development in the food area, the development of alternative crops and the development of the animal industry in the province.

The Faculty's emerging areas of research strength include agricultural biotechnology, climate change, functional foods and nutraceuticals, international agribusiness, manure and waste management, pesticide free production (PFP), precision agriculture and water quality and management.

Below are listed individual faculty members' areas of research.

Department of Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics

Milton Boyd
Livestock insurance
Crop reinsurance
A study of Canada-China food trade: behind the borders barriers
The application of crop insurance to alleviate poverty and promote sustainable agricultural production in China

Derek Brewin
Canadian rural income growth
The integration of new technologies to yield a system to manage Fusarium-contaminated grains by the swine industry
 A regional dynamic assessment of emerging manure management in Manitoba
The impact of China’s accession to the WTO with a focus on COFCO
Comparison of economic and environmental efficiencies of advanced beef production systems in the Western Canadian Parkland
Farm management and marketing strategies in the Canadian beef sector
Structure and performance of the agriculture and agri-products industry
Innovation and regulation
NCLE by-products processing research and demonstration facility

Ryan Cardwell
WTO agreements and Canada’s supply-managed industries
Commodity substitutability in food aid
US food aid and export promotion: was it successful?
The role of intellectual property rights (IPRs) in securing FDI in the food processing industry
Predictability in international poultry trade: the implications of the Doha Development Round WTO negotiations on Canadian poultry markets
The welfare effects of proposed DDA liberalization on the Canadian chicken industry: a partial equilibrium model incorporating heterogeneous chicken products and stochastic world prices

Jared Carlberg
Animal identification in Canada
Effects of market access reforms on the Canadian dairy industry
Impact of livestock identification and recording systems on a hypothetical disease outbreak: a cost-benefit analysis
Economics of cover crops in southern Manitoba
Viability of a producer-controlled saskatoon marketing association
Effects of animal characteristics on prices at Manitoba cattle auctions
Collaboration with SAGARPA (Mexican ministry of agriculture)/Texas A & M on an animal identification framework to improve the animal identification system in Mexico

Barry Coyle
Economic impact analysis of CAIS and production insurance
An econometric model of multivariate stochastic production functions for Manitoba crop agriculture
Aggregate index measures of Canadian agricultural output price risk, and relations to domestic agricultural policies & international trade

Julieta Frank
Beef marketing in western Canada
Effect of new information in the hog market
Market depth – investigating the microstructure dynamics of lean hog and live cattle futures markets
Linkages between agricultural and oil markets and macroeconomic factors
Seasonal volatility models
Effects of free trade agreements in the Colombian beef sector
Optimal allocation of resources for farm production – collaboration with Universidad de Buenos Aires

Charles Grant
Economic incentives and the sustenance of prairie wetlands – perspectives of a policy evaluator
Semi-kurtosis as a risk measure
International Farm Management Congress collaborative research
Economic assessment of manure phosphorous regulations
Preference for normality in financial returns

Gary Johnson
Sow longevity: modeling as a method of economic analysis
ABIP Cellulosic Biofuel Network, bioeconomic analysis of lignocellulosic biomass production and utilization for a Canadian cellulosic biofuel biorefinery
ERCA (Enabling Research for Competitive Agriculture), environmental policy research network

Chad Lawley
Linking environment and agriculture research network activities
Agricultural border inspection: protectionism versus risk
Economic value of systematics in international trade
Spatial aspects of residential property foreclosure

Fabio Mattos
Effects of prior gains and losses on current risk-taking using quantile regression
The effect of probability weighting on financial decisions
Evolving market performance in Brazilian futures contracts using relative efficiency
Producers’ decision making process in grain marketing: a study in the Canadian market
Farm management and marketing strategies in the Canadian beef sector

Brian Oleson
The viability of a producer-controlled saskatoon marketing association
Granny’s Poultry Ltd. – case study
Agriculture sector profiles – crops, hogs, cattle, supply management

Department of Animal Science

Laurie Connor
Comparison of conventional and alternative group housing systems for sows
Transportation of pigs: 1) Use of electrolytes by early weaned pigs, 2) Factors affecting welfare and meat quality of transported market hogs
Sow longevity: Modelling as an economic analysis
Regulation of farrowing by time of feeding
Evaluation of a commercial sow housing alternative

Gary Crow
Application and development of procedures for estimation of genetic distance and phylogenetic analysis of Canada’s cattle genetic resources
Comparison of economic and environmental efficiencies of advanced beef production systems in the Western Canadian Parkland
Application of advanced statistical methods for improved evaluation of multiple environment crop variety trials and development of interactive decision-making tools for grain producers

Denis Krause
A population-based characterization of potential microbial etiologies of IBD using geographically defined high and low rate prevalence/Incidence areas in Manitoba
Etiology of the inflammatory bowel disease: Gene and environment interactions
Response of weaned pigs fed diets containing Inovapure to an enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli K88 challenge
Evaluation of charcoals in an Escherichia coli K88 infectious diseases model
Genetic, serological and microbial factors related to patterns of ileal inflammation
The Michael J. Howorth IBD GEM Project: A human study on the genetic, environmental and microbial interactions that cause IBD
Role of bacgeroides and Escherichia coli in inflammatory bowel disease
Agronomic practices to limit the survival in soil potential human pathogens from livestock manure
Enhancing the sustainability of grassland systems receiving hog manure on coarse-textured soil; the fate of zoonotic pathogens in the environment
The use of water soluble yeast culture and a colicinogenic Escherichia coli probiotic to prevent post-weaning diarrhea in piglets
Evaluation of a water soluble yeast cuture as an antimicrobial agent in weaned piglets using the Escherichia coli K88 disease challenge model
Use of on-farm composting to dispose of Johne’s infected cattle
Prevalence of the uncultured bacterial candidate Phylum, TMy in IBD biopsy tissue
Effect of pulses and pulse fractions on indices of lipid carbohydrate and energy metabolism, as well as oxidative status in overweight, hyperlipidemic individuals: effects on gut microbial health
Improving diagnosis and treatment of sub-acute ruminal acidosis and butter fat depression in dairy cows
Development of diagnostic markers for sub-acute ruminal acidosis
Improving digestion of dairy cattle with sub-acute ruminal acidosis using diagnostic markers
Comparative genomics of Ruminococcus albus
Environmental impacts of spreading hog manure on pasture: pathogens and antibiotic resistance in water
Potato starch and probiotics as alternative to antibiotics in swine diets.

Martin Nyachoti
Natural means of controlling gut health and optimizing performance in early-weaned pigs: Research on a new generation enzyme-antibody supplement
Digestible amino acid contents in feedstuffs for poultry: A basis for accurate feed formulation
Effect of BGL/Y5 on performance and nutrient digestibility in piglets and growing-finishing pigs fed wheat or wheat and barley-based diets
Investigating the efficacy of thermostable xylanase variant Y5 in wheat-based weaner and growing-finishing pig diets
Wheat-based distillers dried grain as an animal feed
Dietary nitrogen and gut health benefits associated with the use of low-protein amino acid supplemented diets in pork production
Environmental implications of feeding HAP barley to non-ruminants
Mitigating phosphorus release into the environment from swine production units in Manitoba
Phytase and carbohydrase enzyme evaluation studies in poultry and swine

Karmin O
Mechanisms of risk factors-induced cardiovascular disorders
Renal ischemia/reperfusion injury
Beneficial effect of nutraceuticals and herbal medicine

Kim Ominski
High tannin forages can improve sustainability of cattle production systems
Use of tannin-containing legumes in beef cattle production systems
Examination of the multi-functionality of forages in Manitoba
Developing a strategy for forage and grassland management in Manitoba through an examination of the multi-functionality of forages, including net greenhouse gas emissions and nutrient utilization in forage-based beef cattle production systems

Kees Plaizier
Nutrition to promote health of cattle and healthfulness of cattle products
Ruminal acidosis and nitrogen balance in dairy cows
Regulation of feed intake in dairy cows
Improving nutrient utilization by optimization of feeding time and feeding patterns
Modeling of livestock production systems, including nutrient flows, and reproductive performance
Optimizing the management of the dry period of dairy cows to achieve improved health, fertility and milk production

Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Protection and stimulation of intestinal innate immunity using mannose
Development of a potential non-pharmacological alternative to antimicrobial growth promoters (AGP) in chickens

Bogdan Slominski
Development of a new generation of exogenous enzymes for animal feeds
Chemical and nutritive characteristics of wheat and corn DDGS
Quality characteristics and nutritive value of yellow-seeded canola
Enzyme hydrolysis products (prebiotics), live microbial supplements (probiotics), and nucleotides as natural alternatives to antibiotics in poultry and swine nutrition
Nutritive value of yellow-seeded B. napus and B. juncea canola for young turkey (with Dr. J. Jankowski, University of Warmia and Mazury, Poland).

Karin Wittenberg
Effect of grassland management on grazing animal energy balance
Impact of fertility program on forage quality and utilization
Improved utilization of dried distillers grains in animal diets
Reducing Canada's inventory for cattle enteric methane emissions

Department of Biosystems Engineering

Ron Britton
Incorporating design into undergraduate engineering education

Stefan Cenkowski
Superheated steam processing – process modelling
Storability of oat groats processed with superheated steam
Milling characteristics and properties of red lentil cultivars as affected by storage conditions
Postharvest technology of sea buckthorn fruits
Rheological properties of the brain

Ying Chen
Transition from conventional to no-tillage in poorly drained heavy clay soil
Pre-commercialization of a pulsing meter for liquid manure injection in forage fields
Biofibre Processing Mechanisation
Bio-fibre materials and fibre decorticating processes - modeling and measurements
Numerical simulation of the vibratory separation process of hemp fibre and core
Incorporation of organic materials into soil
Mesure de l’impact socioéconomique de pratiques d’épandage combinées à des activités de formation à l’aide d’un indicateur et d’une analyse économique
Améliorer l’acceptabilité sociale lors de l’implantation d’une ferme porcine à l’aide d’une technologie d’incorporation du lisier, d’activités de formation et du maintien de la qualité d’air ambiant
Research infrastructure for development and application on advanced composite materials & structures

Nazim Cicek
Evaluating anaerobic co-digestion of hog manure and glycerol
Bioenergy production in Manitoba using biomass cattail harvesting
Biofuel and value-added co-product synthesis from wheat dried distillers grain (DDG) and stillage
Membrane bioreactor processes for integrated wastewater treatment and reuse
Removal of Endocrine Disrupting chemicals using Membrane Bioreactors
Hydrogen production from cellulosic biomass

Kris Dick
Structural Performance of EPS Structural Insulated Panels
Load Path Study
Structural Performance of Nail Laminated Dimensional Lumber Posts
Performance of Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Heating Systems
Load flow in Post Frame structure
Structural Behaviour of Ureathane Foam Structural Insulated Panels
Evaluation of Truss School Effectiveness

Digvir Jayas
Machine vision for grain classification
Soft X-ray imaging for detection of insects in grain samples
Grain handling, drying and storage

David Levin
Enhanced ethanol production from wheat-starch
Biofuel production from cellulosic biomass
Detection and monitoring dispersion of aerosolized biological agents

Danny Mann
Ergonomic evaluation of agricultural guidance systems
Development and evaluation of a tractor-driving simulator
Usability of tractor-machine systems

Jason Morrison
Anatomically and Mechanically Accurate Modelling of  Skeletal Anatomy and Simulation of Orthopaedic Surgery.
Improvement of the Accuracy and Precision of Hyperspectral Imaging Systems.
Geometric Clustering and Analysis of Spectroscopic Data
Geometric Partitioning Problems
GIS Web Based Mapping and Participatory Design

Bill Muir
Stored-grain ecosystems

Jitendra Paliwal
Development of an integrated polarized Raman spectroscopy-optical coherence tomography (PRS-OCT) user interface for a clinical dental caries assessment system
Development of a micro-CT imaging system
Sweet potato germplasm screening for starch, flour and feed quality characteristics
Correction of axial chromatic aberration and non-uniform pixel sensitivity in hyperspectral imaging systems
Integration of visible and near-infrared imaging techniques for grain quality assessment
Disinfestation of wheat using liquid nitrogen aeration

Ranjan Sri Ranjan
Measuring the impact of snow-melt infiltration under different cropping systems and landscapes
Design and evaluation of a capillary irrigation system
Development of design standards for confined livestock areas
Electrokinetically-enhanced bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils

Qiang (Chong) Zhang
Solar energy greenhouses
Waste heat utilization for greenhouse production
Size segregation in bulk solids storage
Odour emission and dispersion from hog operations

Department of Entomology

Rob Currie
Effects of nutrition on survival and regulation of foraging in honey bee colonies
Integrated  management of honey bee pests and diseases
Selecting honey bee stock resistant to varroa mites
Development of fumigants to control varroa mites in indoor wintering facilities.
Costs and benefits of grooming behaviour as a defence against varroa mites
Effects of disease and parasites on sex ratio allocation in leafcutting bees.
Regulation of pheromone production in Tenebrio molitor (with D. Vanderwel)

Terry Galloway
Ectoparasites of birds and mammals in Manitoba
Monograph on the ticks of Canada (with K.W. Wu, E.E. Lindquist, (ECORC, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada) L.R.Lindsay, H. Artsob (National Microbiology Laboratory, Winnipeg) and R.G. Robbins (Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Forest Glen Section, Washington, D.C.)
Taxonomy of flea larvae (with Prof. R.L.C. Pilgrim, Dept. of Zoology, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand)
The Menacanthus eurysternus species complex (with Drs. A. Paterson and R. Cruikshank, Bio-Protection and Ecology Division, Lincoln University, Lincoln, New Zealand).
Biodiversity of feather mites on birds (with Drs. S. Mironov and A. Bochkov,  Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia; H. Proctor, Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta).
Catch basins and waste tires as breeding sites for mosquito vectors of West Nile Virus
Impact of forest burning on diversity and prevalence of fleas on small mammals in New South Wales, Australia (with Dr. Dave Spratt, CSIRO, Wildlife Division, Canberra, Australia).
Impact and control of insect pests of domestic animals
Chewing lice on rock pigeons and anseriforms (with R.L. Palma, Museum of New Zealand, Wellington)

Neil Holliday
Management of insect pests in canola
Biological control of insect pests
Management of plant bugs in field crops
Effects of forest management and forest succession on arthropods
Biology of Dutch elm disease vectors
Ecology of carabid beetles of beaches
Effects of crop management systems on insect predators

Department of Food Science

Sue Arntfield
Use of enzymes to improve the functional properties of pulse and oilseed proteins
Effect of storage conditions on red lentil quality
Increased utilization of pulse flours and fractions
Production and characterization of bioactive peptides from dairy products

Trust Beta
Characterization of antioxidative constituents in grain-based functional foods
Infant foods as potential combatants of oxidative stress
Hull ingredients as potential functional food components
The phenolics profile of brown and yellow seeded glabrous (hairless) canaryseed
Characterization of the flavonoids during the development of the stages of maturation of the pitangueira fruits (Eugenia uniflora L.)
Effect of gastric pH aqueous extracts of wheat, sorghum and their cookies on oxidation of human low density lipoprotein

Greg Blank
Effects of exogenous enzymes in poultry diets on the growth and toxin production by C. perfringens
Use of superheated steam for the microbial decontamination of oat groats

Gary Fulcher
Structure / function relationships in grains and grain-based foods
Effects of dietary grain components on mammalian physiology
Antioxidant and antimicrobial activities in grain products

Rick Holley
Mechanism(s) of natural antimicrobial action
Use of natural antimicrobials to control E.coli O157:H7 in fermented meats
Use of phytochemicals to reduce antibiotic resistance of Salmonella
Use of flaxmeal to inhibit Listeria in processed meats
Enterococci in fermented meats
Bacterial starter cultures as reservoirs of antibiotic resistance
Zoonotic pathogen survival in animal environments
Wastewater remediation/risk regarding irrigation; food safety (Al-Nabulsi, A., Jordan University, Jordan)

Arnie Hydamaka
CLA cheese prototype
Research and development of Ayran – yogurt drink type
Research and Development of yogurt from organic milk
Nutraceutical analysis of potato and potato products
Isolation and purification of SDG from organic flaxseed hulls

Harry Sapirstein
Structure and Functionality of Wheat Proteins in Breadmaking.
Optimizing Wheat Bran for Food and Health.
Sensory and analytical studies on the aroma and flavour of wheat bran and whole wheat bread from red and white wheats.

Martin Scanlon
Ultrasonic evaluation of the properties of dough (with John Page, Physics)
Ultrasonic evaluation of protein conformation
Evaluation of foam stability (with J Page)
Characterization of viscosity enhancement by beta-glucans (with G Fulcher)
Ostwald ripening in well characterized distributions of bubbles (with J Page)
Single bubble acoustic microrheometry (with J Page)
X-ray microtomography of model aerated foods and doughs (with R Jayaraman and J Page)
Fibre enrichment of bread systems and the effect on rheology
Understanding the phase behaviour of health-enriched dairy drinks
Compressibility assessments of protein solutions
Distillation with non-organic solvents (with C Rempel)
Developing nutrient rich convenience foods for children and other vulnerable groups (with T Beta)
Green Extraction Technologies (with C Rempel)
The role that bubbles play in determining the quality of foods(with Dr Grant Campbell of the University of Manchester, England)
Flavour molecule – protein interactions (with Dr Gaelle Roudaut of Université de Bourgogne, France)
Ultrasonic evaluation of dough properties (with Dr Donatella Peressini of the University of Udine, Italy)
Finite element analyses of food composites (with Dr Aaron Goh of the University of Curtin Sarawak, Malaysia)
Educational outreach collaboration with Dr Clyde Don of Food Physica, the Netherlands, on dough rheology
Educational outreach collaboration with Dr Chul Park of the University of Toronto, Canada, on the properties of biological foamed systems
Research collaboration with a number of researchers at Chancellors College, University of Malawi, Malawi, on food security issues

Department of Plant Science

Belay Ayele
Physiology and molecular biology of bioenergy crops
Hormonal regulation of crop growth and development

Murray Ballance
Molecular and biochemical characterization of the host pathogen interactions between Pyrenophora tritici-repentis and wheat

Anita Brûlé-Babel
Wheat breeding
Genetics of disease resistance in wheat
Genetics of herbicide resistance
Leaf spotting diseases of wheat
Fusarium head blight of wheat
Evaluation of wheat for feed
Development of high yield, high starch wheat for the ethanol industry
Mapping of adult plant leaf rust resistance genes
Development of statistical methods of evaluating unbalanced multiple environment trials

Fouad Daayf
Molecular and biochemical mechanisms of host-pathogen interactions, including plant defense and pathogen counterdefense
Roles of the phenylpropanoid and terpenoid pathways in defense, counter-defense, and signaling mechanisms
Biological control in potatoes and other horticultural crops

Martin Entz
Long-term crop rotation studies
Organic crop production research
Water use in pastures

Dilantha Fernando
Identification of isolates carrying avirulence gene (AvrLepR1) and virulent gene (avrLepR1) against LepR1 resistant gene of the blackleg pathogen
Testing canola cultivars and advanced breeding lines with the BN204 SCAR-marker for carrying the resistance (R) gene against PG3 group of Blackleg
Development of a SCAR marker to identify R-genes against PG4
Breeding for blackleg and white-rust disease resistance in high erucic acid rape and low linolenic canola
Gene expression studies on the nature of biological control of Sclerotinia in canola and sunflower by antibiotics produced by bacteria PA23, DF41 and BS6
Effect of cropping systems on beneficial microorganisms
Wheat-Fusarium breeding for disease resistance
Wheat-Fusarium chemotypes, genotypes and lineages in Canada.

Brian Fristensky
Gene expression in fungal defense in plants
Chromolinkers – physical bridges between chromosomes
Phylogenomics of disease resistance genes in plants
The BIRCH bioinformatics system
The Biolegato graphic interface for biological data
An Integrated and Distributed Bioinformatics Platform for Genome Canada

Rob Gulden
Weed science

Rob Hill
Hemoglobins and hypoxic stress
Abiotic stress responses during seed development and germination

Genyi Li 
Development of molecular markers for use in marker assisted selection in canola/rapeseed breeding

Gary Martens
Sustainable agricultural practices and cropping systems
Ground cover ability of crop cultivars measured with Assess software
Heritage wheat yield trials

Peter McVetty 
Canola/rapeseed agronomy and breeding
Canola/rapeseed pollination control system development and breeding method comparisons
High erucic acid summer rape (Brassica napus) cultivar development
Transgenic herbicide resistant summer rape (Brassica napus) cultivar development
Transgenic disease resistant summer rape (Brassica napus) cultivar development
Molecular marker development/use in summer rape (Brassica napus)
Hybrid B. napus breeding

Claudio Stasolla
Effects of the redox state of the culture medium during embryogenesis
Nucleotide metabolism during morphogenesis in vitro
Identification of regulatory genes expressed during somatic embryogenesis

M. Tahir
Improvement of oil content and oil quality in canola rapeseed through traditional and molecular breeding
Development of brassicas suitable as feed stock for biodiesel
Isolate, clone and study the expression of economically important genes in canola and brassicas
Creation of novel variation for oil content and fatty acid profiles in canola by mutagenesis and hybridization
Improvement of brassicas for feed use with special reference to aquaculture

Department of Soil Science

Wole Akinremi
Temperature and moisture effects on the mineralization of nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon from organic amendments
Measurement and simulation of nitrate leaching from hog manure
Nitrate and solute transport within the landscape
Forms and reactivity on manure phosphorus from swine diets amended with phytase
Identification and quantitation of P compounds and its transformation products in a dual P band using X-ray absorption near edge spectroscopy (XANES)
Developing an algorithm for fertilizer equivalence of different manures.

Brian Amiro
Carbon, water and energy fluxes from forests
Future fire weather and carbon balance
Nitrous oxide fluxes from agricultural soils
Carbon fluxes following agricultural land conversion
Global syntheses of carbon fluxes under the umbrella of international FLUXNET

Paul Bullock
Drought Research Initiative
Weather Impacts on Canola Quality in Western Canada
Monitoring Soil Moisture Levels in Western Canada Using Real-Time Weather Data

Annemieke Farenhorst
Climatic and Soil-Landscape Variations in Relation to Modelling Pesticide Fate in Hummocky Terrains.
Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
Impact of Land Management and Pesticide Use on Prairie Wetland Ecosystems.

Don Flaten
Developing a Model for Estimating the Fertilizer Equivalence of Different Manures
The Investigation and Evaluation of Riparian Management Practices within the Manitoba Landscape
An Examination of the multifunctionality of forages in Manitoba
Sustainable Nutrient Management for Pig and Cattle Manure Applied to Annual and Forage Cropping Systems
Forms of P in Different Manures and Their Impact on P Runoff and Leaching Losses from Manure Amended Soils
Enhancing Sustainability of Grassland Systems Receiving Hog Manure on Coarse Soil
Dietary Phosphorus Nutrition in Poultry and Swine to Minimize Environmental Impact: Potential Role of Low Phytate Barley
Solid Cattle Manure as a Nutrient Source in Annual and Forage Cropping Systems
N2O Emissions and N Losses from Fall Banded NBPT-DCD Treated vs. Conventional Urea
Environmental Soil Tests for P in Manitoba
Metals in the Human Environment:  Impact of Cropping Sequence and P Fertilization on Cd, Cu, Fe, Mn and Zn section
Forms and Reactivity of Manure Phosphorus from Phytase Fed Swine in Manitoba Soils
Watershed Evaluation of Beneficial Watershed Management Practices (WEBs)

Tee Boon Goh
Fate of Ammonia Following Injection into Soils
Brine-Contaminated Soil Remediation for Crop Production
Acid Weathering of Volcanic Ash; Changes in Chemistry and Clay Mineral Synthesis
Charge Characteristics of Low-Activity Clays from Zimbabwe and Mossbauer Spectroscopy of Oxides from Highly Weathered Tropical Soils
Development of a Soil Information System for Different Cropping/Farming Systems in Sri Lanka for Better Land and Resource Management

David Lobb
Materials and Methods to Measure Tillage Translocation
Factors that Affect Tillage Translocation and Tillage Erosion
Impacts of Tillage Erosion on Agriculture and the Environment
Indicators of Soil Redistribution
Models of Tillage Translocation and Tillage Erosion.

Mario Tenuta
Greenhouse Gas Mitigation of Soil Emissions from Agriculture
Controllers of Greenhouse Gas Emission in the Subarctic Environment of Churchill, Manitoba
Control of Early Dying of Potato
Nematode Ecology and Use as Bioindicators of Soil Health
Benefit of Mycorrhizal Association of Crop Plants
Nutrient Dynamics of Perennial Land Receiving Liquid Hog Manure
Scanning Electron Microscopy of Pratylenchus spp. From Manitoba
Soil Food Webs in Response to Soil Warming of a Boreal Forest Soil

Francis Zvomuya
Nutrient Release and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Biofertilizer Application
Managing Phosphorus and Potassium for Environmentally Sustainable Crop Production
Evaluation of Polymer-Coated Urea for Irrigated Potato Production
Vegetation and Soil Responses to Drilling Mud Application on Native Prairie

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