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The Asbestos Management Program


The University of Manitoba commissioned Pinchin Environmental Ltd. to assist in the development of the Asbestos Management Program (AMP) document in consultation with its Safety & Health Committee so as to ensure a safe workplace is maintained for all employees, students, the visiting public, maintenance or renovation workers.
A special AMP Review Committee was established to aid in the development of this document, including representatives of the Environmental Health and Safety Office, Physical Plant, Information Services & Technology, CAW, UMFA, AESES and CUPE. The AMP was reviewed and adopted in November 2002 by the University Workplace Health and Safety Advisory Committee. It is considered to be a 'living document' that will be modified and improved as is required to maintain a safe and healthy working environment at the University.

Copyright 2002, Unauthorized use or reproduction of this document is prohibited. The material provided by the University in this document is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be relied upon by third parties. The University accepts no liability for any losses, damages or expenses suffered by third parties as a result of their reliance on the material. Your acceptance of the foregoing shall be deemed to exist if you continue to read beyond this point.
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Updated June 2005 -->
Related appendices:
Appendix A
Evaluation of Asbestos
Appendix B
Action Matrix for the Control of ACM
Appendix C
Asbestos Survey Report
Appendix D
Asbestos Survey Report (Updates)
Appendix E
Bulk Sample Results
Appendix F
Sample Collection & Analysis
See also relevent EHSO Asbestos Sample Submission Form
Appendix G
Respirator Fitting, Care & Inspection
Appendix H
Worker Training Certificate
Appendix I
Contractor's Notification & Acknowledgement
Updated April 2005 -->
Appendix J List of Pre-qualified Asbestos Contractors
Updated March
2005 -->
Appendix K General Procedures for Type 1, 2 & Glove Bag Work
Appendix L
Procedures for Type 1 or Low Risk Work
Appendix M
Procedures for Type 2 or Moderate Risk Work
Appendix N
Procedures for the Removal of Mechanical Insulation by Glove Bag Method
Appendix O
Procedures in the Event of a Suspect Asbestos Spill
Appendix P
Procedures for Emergency Work
Appendix Q
Asbestos Work Requisition/Permit
Updated July 2003 -->
Appendix R
Asbestos Work Report
Appendix S
Milestone Requisition
Appendix T
Asbestos Waste Transportation Manifest
Updated Aug 2004 -->
Appendix U On-site Labelling/Stencilling of ACM
Appendix V
Equipment List for In-house Asbestos Work
Appendix W
Asbestos Consultant/Inspection Agency - List of Pre-Qualifications
Updated March
2005 -->
Appendix X Standardized Work Procedures
Appendix Y
Miscellaneous Requisitions & Standardized Forms
Appendix Y
Damage Reports
Appendix Y
Notice of Work
Updated Nov
2005 -->
Appendix Y Asbestos Identification and Assessment Summary
Appendix Z
Related Correspondence, Policies & Memoranda


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