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University of Manitoba Fire Safety Policy

Administrative Bulletin No. 43, Issued December 2, 1997.

The University's buildings and faculties are subject to the Manitoba Fire Code. Addressing fire safety issues and satisfying the provisions of the Manitoba Fire Code can be accomplished in part through the allocation of Responsibilities to University Departments ant the University Community as set out in this bulletin.


a) Environmental Health and Safety Office - The E.H.S.O. is responsible for monitoring the overall Fire Safety Program at the University of Manitoba and ensuring all departments carry out their assigned responsibilities. This includes:

  • Conducting fire safety compliance inspections, directing non compliance issues to the appropriate department or personnel for resolution. Frequency of inspections to be determined by the hazard rating of each building.
  • Ensuring documentation of Fire Code compliance and fire safety issues is maintained and readily accessible.
  • Ensuring the development and maintenance of fire safety plans and the fire warden system for all University buildings in accordance with Fire Code.
  • Coordinating fire drills for all buildings in accordance with Fire Safety Plans.
  • Ensuring that all aspects pertaining to fire safety at the University are properly addressed by the appropriate Department or individual.
  • Acting as a resource to individuals and departments on Fire Code and fire safety related questions and issues.
  • Maintaining a liaison with the Winnipeg Fire Department which is responsible for enforcement of the Manitoba Fire Safety Code at the University of Manitoba.

b) Physical Plant - Responsible for:

  • Addressing all building related Fire Code requirements.
  • Installation, maintenance and testing of physical fire protection devices (alarms, detectors, extinguishers, hoses, etc.) in accordance with Fire Code requirements.
  • Cooperation with the E.H.S.O. towards the resolution of building related fire safety issues.

c) Security Services - Responsible for:

  • Monitoring the fire alarms, requesting Fire Department response to an alarm.
  • Directing Fire Department and other related emergency response vehicles to the appropriate location.
  • Attending the location of the fire alarm to provide assistance as necessary to the Fire Department on aspects such as traffic and crowd control.
  • Maintaining a log for all fire alarm system problems and out of service situations.
  • Reporting fire alarm system malfunctions to Physical Plant.
  • Notifying the Fire Department about situations concerning fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems, fire response access, and building fire drills.

d) Departments and Administrative Units - Responsible for:

  • Cooperation with the E.H.S.O. in the selection and replacement of Fire Wardens in their area of administrative jurisdiction.
  • Promoting compliance with the Fire and Building Codes amongst all staff members and ensuring all items of non-compliance within their realm of responsibility are appropriately resolved.
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