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Accident Reporting and Workers Compensation
  Accident/Incident Reporting

Accidents and incidents are to be investigated in order to meet legislative requirements, identify the cause and relationships involved in the occurrence of accidents and incidents and to recommend changes to equipment, procedures and any other matters that will ensure the health and safety of academic, support staff, students and visitors to the campus.

Accident/Injury Reporting Procedures (Adobe pdf)
Employee's Green Card Notice of Injury Form (Adobe pdf)
Accident/Incident (A/I) Report (Adobe pdf)
Accident/Incident (A/I) Report (Office 97)
Accident/Incident (A/I) Report (Sample) (Adobe pdf)
CCOHS Accident Investigation Guide (Adobe pdf)

Workers Compensation

The Workers Compensation Program includes administration of the legal Workers Compensation Board documentation and administrative requirements, accident investigations, injury prevention awareness and training and rehabilitation/back to work initiative.

Employer Responsibilities
Employees Responsibilities

Student work practicum WCB information (Adobe pdf)

Relevent Forms:
Employees Reporting Form (Adobe pdf)
Employers Reporting Form (Adobe pdf)
Employee's Green Card Notice of Injury Form (Adobe pdf)

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