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Personnel and Operation


The University is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for staff and students. Many of the programs and activities of the EHSO are based on provincial or federal legislation, which sets standards and identifies legal responsibilities for ensuring due diligence in safety, health and environmental matters.

The Vision of the EHSO is that
The learning, research and workplace environment at the University of Manitoba shall be such that there will be no losses through occupational injury, illness or property damage, and no harm shall be done to the physical environment.

The Mission of the EHSO;
The Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO) supports the continuous improvement of a safety culture at the University by providing advice, guidance, training, and technical support to the campus community. The safety culture encompasses a healthy and safe environment achieved through everyone's understanding of their related responsibilities and compliance with all regulatory requirements and University safety policies.

The Mission of the Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO) is consistent with the University Health and Safety Policy #512 * as adopted by the Board of Governors in January 2003 which states that…
' The Environmental Health and Safety Office is responsible for providing advice, guidance, technical support and ensuring that department and administrative units are made aware of their responsibilities to comply with the Policy and all Secondary Documents.'

The structure of the Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO) is designed to enable response and service to a wide variety of disciplines and programs. Each staff member is responsible for and has specific expertise in one or more of the key programs.

Employees and Responsibilities (in alphabetical order)

Joey Bellino - Joey has a B.Sc., with a major in Environmental Science. Joey previously spent 3 years with Miller Environmental Corporation, where he gained knowledge in the areas of safely packaging and transferring hazardous waste. Other responsibilities included hazardous materials emergency response and management of household hazardous waste events. Joey is NFPA certified to the HazMat operations level.

Joey's responsibilities include the collection, storage and disposal of hazardous waste as well as hazardous materials response. Other duties include elements of the asbestos management program(AMP).

Richard Chaput - Richard has a Civil Technology Diploma in the field of Environmental Technologies. Richard previously spent 2 years working for Pinchin Environmental where he obtained significant training and experience in the management of asbestos, lead, PCB's and mould. Richard also did an internship with the KGS Group conducting Environmental Site Assessments relating to contaminated ground water projects.

Richard's primary responsibility is to undertake detailed and comprehensive asbestos inventories of all University buildings suspected of containing asbestos containing materials (ACM) and to assist in the implementation of the Asbestos Management Program.

Pauline Fortier - Pauline is a Registered Nurse with an Occupational Health
Nurse certification. Pauline has significant experience in occupational health
in clinical, commercial and industrial settings.

Pauline's responsibilities include Workers Compensation and Return to Work administration; accident investigation; CPR instruction; Programs such as Hearing Conservation,Occupational Health and Wellness issues, Medical Surveillance Coordination, and Ergonomics.

Evelyn Froese - Evelyn joined the EHSO in the fall of 1999 to provide much needed support in the Chemical and Biological Safety Program. Evelyn has a B.Sc. in chemistry and has completed a course in Certification of Biological Safety Cabinets at Nuaire Inc. as well as a course in the Control of Biohazards in the Research Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University. She has had prior laboratory experience at the Institute for Cell Biology, Cadham Provincial Laboratory and at the new Health Canada LCDC Facility in Winnipeg.

Evelyn works with Prabhat Goswami with responsibilities in the Biological and Chemical Safety Program. She is based at the Bannatyne Campus, but spends half of her time at the Fort Garry Campus.

Prabhat Goswami - Prabhat has a Ph.D. in chemistry and obtained valuable experience in teaching and research in educational institutions prior to joining the University.

Prabhat's responsibilities include chemical safety, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), biological safety, fume hoods, emergency eyewash program and specific Local Area Safety Committees. Prabhat is also involved with our general safety and indoor air quality programs.

Paul Houle - Paul joined the EHSO after obtaining significant training and experience in hazardous waste operations, hazardous materials emergency response and firefighting. Paul holds several NFPA certifications including technician level HazMat and Emergency Services Instructor II. He is also licenced for the possesion and use of explosives, pyrotechnics and fireworks.

Paul is responsible for the operation of the hazardous waste management program. This includes the management of the Fort Garry hazardous waste management facility, hazardous materials emergency response, environmental audits and waste reduction/substitution initiatives. Paul is also responsible for the confined space entry program, mould management program, transportation of dangerous goods(TDG) and part of the asbestos management program. Paul has recently assumed webmaster responsibilities for the EHSO webpage.

Grant McCaughey - Grant is a Professional Engineer, a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) and has a Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education (CACE). Grant has recently joined the EHSO (August 2001) and has a background in safety and health program development and delivery from his experience working with the Workplace Safety and Health Division of the Manitoba Department of Labour. Grant has extensive experience in safety engineering, risk assessment, auditing, standards and guideline development, incident investigation and due diligence practices.

Grant is responsible for the direction and operation of the Environmental Health and Safety Office.

Terry Neufeld - Terry joined EHSO in January 2004. She is a University of Manitoba graduate with a B.H.Ec.

Terry's responsibilities include controlled products data base; ordering of supplies; library and video records; coordination of EHSO activities and meetings. This position also assists the Administrative Assistant in day-to-day office administration.

Pearl Novotny - Pearl acquired secretarial experience in several departments at the University of Manitoba prior to assuming the duties of Administrative Assistant for the EHSO office.

Pearl's responsibilities include reception, finance and budgets, purchasing, library management, cataloguing resource material, purchasing, correspondence and safety committee support.

Leona Page - Leona has a B.Sc., is a licenced Industrial Audiometric Technician and has completed the Occupational Health and Safety Certificate, as offered by Continuing Education, University of Manitoba. Leona worked in medical research for five years where she gained experience in chemical, radiation and general laboratory concepts prior to joining the EHSO in 1990.

Leona's responsibilities include ionizing radiation safety, the hearing conservation program at the Bannatyne Campus and supporting the Bannatyne Campus Local Area Safety Committee. Leona's office is located at the Bannatyne Campus Location.

Paul Richards - Paul joined the EHSO in February 1998 after working 6 ½ years as a Fire Safety Officer at Health Sciences Centre. He has a B.Sc. degree from Carleton University. He is also certified in levels I & II in Fire Prevention and is a certified fire training officer. He also holds a certificate in explosives handling.

Paul is responsible for addressing fire safety compliance, the Fire Warden/Emergency Evacuation system and acts as a resource to the University community on fire safety issues.

Eva Sailerova – Eva has a Ph.D. in biology and MSc. in analytical and physical chemistry. She gained her research and teaching experience in UofA, UofM, HSC and Red River College. Eva joined the EHSO in December 2001 and brings to her new position 5 years of laboratory experience working with radioactive materials. Previously, Eva had been working with the Winnipeg Regional Authority as Assistant Radiation Safety Coordinator. Eva’s interests, beside issues involving radiation safety, include environmental issues such as phytoremediation of contaminated sites.

Eva works with Leona Page with responsibilities in the radiation safety program. Her office is located at the Bannatyne Campus.

All safety personnel also work co-operatively in many joint project and general operation tasks.

Safety Office Staff
  Grant McCaughey

Joey Bellino
Assistant Hazardous Waste Management Coordinator

  Richard Chaput
Asbestos Program Technologist
  Pauline Fortier
Occupational Health Coordinator
  Evelyn Froese
Assistant Biological and Chemical Safety Coordiantor
  Prabhat Goswami
Biological and Chemical Safety Coordinator
  Paul Houle
Hazardous Waste Management Coordinator
  Terry Neufeld
Office Assistant
  Pearl Novotny
Administrative Assistant
  Leona Page
Radiation Safety Coordinator
  Paul Richards
Fire Marshall/Construction Safety
  Eva Sailerova
Assistant Radiation Safety Coordinator

The EHSO has two office locations:

Fort Garry Campus 191 Frank Kennedy Centre

Phone: 474-6633
FAX 474-7629

Bannatyne Campus T248/T249 Basic Science Building Phone: 789-3613 or
789-3477 or 789-3359
FAX: 789-3906

The Bannatyne Office
The Bannatyne Campus is the second largest of the University Campuses. The campus consists of nine buildings housing two Faculties (Medicine and Dentistry) and related services such as Purchasing, Physical Plant and the Environmental Health and Safety Office. The EHSO has been working at improving the level of service to this campus but has always been limited by the amount of operating space and available personnel.

In 1998, the Radiation Safety Program was transferred to the Bannatyne Campus in order to facilitate service to the majority of the personnel using radioactive materials and also to alleviate space shortage with in the Fort Garry Office. In 1999, the Biological Safety program was expanded and a new position, Assistant Biological and Chemical Safety Coordinator was created. Evelyn Froese was hired to fill that position and is located at the Bannatyne Campus, where the majority of research involving biological safety takes place. Eva Sailerova, Assistant Radiation Safety Coordinator is the newest addition to the Bannatyne office. The current office space is being graciously provided by the Biochemistry and Medical Genetics until a permanent location becomes available.

The upper floors (5th and 8th floors) of the Brodie Centre have been placed into operation and are now called the John Buhler Research Centre (JBRC). The EHSO will assume has safety responsibilities in these areas as well as the Mantoba Institute of Cell Biology (MICB).

EHSO Organizational Chart

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