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 Student Residences believes that living in residence is an integral part of each resident’s development. We believe that the experience of living in residence will enhance both your educational and personal growth. Your stay in residence promises to be one of the most memorable and rewarding aspects of your university career. It is a unique and valuable experience that will serve as a special part of your post-secondary education. Living in residence will provide you with an opportunity to establish new and long-lasting friendships with a wide variety of people.

In addition to the convenience of living only minutes away from classroom and labs, living in residence provides a rich variety of activities, services, and programs designed to meet the social and educational needs of university students. These include student government, consultative and judicial committee representation, academic tutoring, athletic and social events, and the celebration of both our commonality and our diversity.

Some of the advantages of living in residence:

  • personal growth
  • academic support
  • lifelong friendships
  • personal development
  • peer tutoring and counselling
  • opportunities to get involved
  • faculty-specific residence groups
  • better connections to the campus
  • leadership and employability skills
  • clean and well-maintained facilities
  • community service opportunities
  • high-speed Internet connections
  • support from Residence Staff
  • networking opportunities
  • professional development
  • safety and security
  • convenience
  • service learning opportunities

 Residence Life Programs

The Residence Staff, Coordinators, Advisors, and Councils work hard every year to provide a wide variety of services and events, like...

Biology and Statistics Tutorials – As part of our academic programming portfolio, tutorial sessions are offered to all residents for all Biology and Statistics midterms and finals.

Documentary Discussions – Join us for a documentary on personal or world issues. A question and discussion period will follow. Learn something new and share what you know on topics such as AIDS Relief, International Development, or Counselling and Rehabilitation.

Dorm Dogs/Campus Cats – A program initiated in conjunction with the Winnipeg Humane Society and Student Residences. Cats and dogs are brought into each of the Residence Halls during Mid-term and Exam times to offer stress relief to students. The dogs and cats also benefit with some one-on-one people time!

House Challenges - many fun events with all the houses invited, such as Waterpalooza and the Haunted House.

 Waterpalooza is an extreme event each fall, with water, slip 'n slides, etc. at the White Castle on the riverbank.

Inter-Residence Challenge – The Inter-Residence Challenge involves all the residents from University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg, and Brandon University. Taking place over a weekend in March, all residents will have the opportunity to compete in volleyball, floor hockey, basketball, 8-ball, academic challenge, cribbage, or bowling. This is one of the most exciting events of the year and it is a great opportunity to meet a lot of new people. There are social events planned on both Friday and Saturday night, as well as the tournaments running throughout the day on both Saturday and Sunday. Points are tallied for all the events and a winner is crowned the Inter-Residence Challenge Champion at the end of the weekend.

View the wrap up video from the 2010 Inter Residence Challenge (IRC).

Professional Development Sessions – Sessions are open to residence students on topics including exam preparation, essay writing techniques, resume writing, portfolio development, and job interview skills. These sessions are free of charge.

Reside – This is the Student Residences newspaper. Reside is a monthly publication that publishes articles related to all facets of residence life, university, and life in general. The articles published in Reside are written by Residence Life team members (RAs, SRAs, RLCs) and residence students alike.

Rez Idol – Hosted annually in February or March. Three people from each of the residence halls compete for the title of Rez Idol. All proceeds are donated to a charity of the organizers' choice.

Spike Cancer out of Residence An annual outdoor volleyball tournament taking place at the end of September. Residence students sign up with their friends and compete throughout the entire weekend for bragging rights, followed by a social at night organized by Residence Councils. All proceeds from the weekend go towards a semester long fundraising effort to support the Cancer Care Manitoba Foundation.

Spirit Cup Events – Bison volleyball, hockey, football, and basketball games, as well as penny wars, food drives, Red Cross blood drives, etc. All these events provide residents with the opportunity to obtain points for their residence. The winning residence wins $1,000 and the bragging rights as the house with the most spirit.

  The Spirit Bowl is the trophy awarded to the House which wins the flag football tournament in the fall. The semi-finals take place the day before Homecoming Weekend and the final game is played during the Bison Football Homecoming half-time.
  The Spirit Cup is awarded to the over-all House Champion throughout the entire year with Spirit Cup events.


 Student Government/Residence Councils

Students can also get involved in student government in the residences as there are three Residence Councils that organize activities and coordinate sports and social events for the residents.

  Events sponsored by the councils could be a 12 hour LAN party to game in the new school year!
  • Bring a network cable and whatever you got... PC, XBOX 360, PS3, whatever! Also movies run all night long.
  • Pizza, pop, energy drinks, and chips provided.
  • Thanks to the student groups, AMSA, RSAC, UCRSA, for sponsoring the event and making it possible.