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Meera Thadani

Meera Thadani received her degrees (BSc. Pharm 1978 and, MSc. 1987) at The University of Manitoba and has been a pharmacist at The University Centre Pharmacy since 1984. Although her primary practice focus is community pharmacy, Meera has also worked in a clinical capacity in hospitals and as an educator at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

February is Heart Health Month

Did you know:


·      High blood pressure;

·      high blood cholesterol;

·      diabetes;

·      obesity;

·      smoking; and

·      a sedentary lifestyle


...can increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease?

Talk to your doctor or pharmacist!


There are many ways to reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Check out the following links to find out how. Please remember to speak with your physician prior to increasing your physical activity.


Healthy food choices, physical activity (30-45minutes per day, 3 to 5 times per week) and weight control are interventions which can help reduce some of the risk factors.


Regular physical activity decreases high blood cholesterol, reduces blood pressure, strengthens the heart muscles and lowers the risk of diabetes, breast cancer, colon cancer and diabetes.


Quitting smoking improves overall health and lung function.

Heart and stroke provides a book on a healthy lifestyle changes you can do in minutes.