Architectural Services
Architectural Services is responsible for all renovation and new construction projects on all campuses and research stations of the University of Manitoba. We have a highly skilled team of architects, designers, planners and project coordinators. We work closely with Engineering Services to ensure that all projects are well integrated and coordinated from conceptual design through to construction completion and occupancy by the client. All projects are initiated with a Requisition for New Work form (Req.7). Projects can be initiated by Central Administration, any Faculty or department or by Physical Plant. The first part of a project is an estimate or feasibility stage where one of our Designers, in conjunction with Engineering Services, will provide an approximate cost projection of the work requested in the Req. 7, to ensure that the appropriate amount of funding is or will be available. This is particularly important for grant applications, such as CFI, where the renovation cost estimates need to take into account the impact on all existing systems. Once funding is obtained and the project approved, we continue with design and working drawings to fully define the project requirements in an appropriate level of detail so that it can be tendered by one of our Project Coordinators. These types of projects range in size from a several hundred dollars to over $400,000.

When projects are of a large scale ($100,000 to $50M +) or exceed our capacity or expertise, Architectural Services engages outside consultants to provide the necessary consultant services. These projects follow a similar process as the Req. 7, but our role becomes one of overseeing the work of the outside consultantsand ensuring that University design standards are met.

We work closely with Administration, the Faculties and Departments to ensure that campus development, both big and small, provides the best value to the University and remains consistent with the University’s mission and goals. This includes sustainable design requirements. Two of our staff are Accredited Professionals in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Some of the other key tasks that we perform include: maintaining drawings of all campuses and stations, providing CFI estimates, creating RFP’s to obtain outside services, providing representation to the Exterior Environment Committee, maintaining design guidelines and standard specifications, signage design, landscape design, furniture specification and planning studies.

Director, Architectural & Engineering Services, University Architect:
Jaret Klymchuk, ph: 204-474-6322