CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)
 cctv monitoring

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is becoming more prevalent in our daily lives.  Be it in the form of cameras used to monitor traffic flow, cameras inside taxi cabs, or cameras inside restaurants, it is difficult to avoid this ever-expanding technology.  The University of Manitoba's view on the use of CCTV is that it serves a valuable role in our community.    Although having a CCTV camera in an area may not always prevent a crime from happening, it can be used to record the crime taking place and later used by law enforcement agencies to make an arrest.

Despite the numerous CCTV cameras already located at various locations around campus, Security Services receives requests to expand the use of CCTV on campus on an ongoing basis. 

There are currently almost 600 closed circuit television cameras at the University of Manitoba located in various classrooms, hallways, parking lots and other public areas.

Two Criminology students at the University of Manitoba conducted a study entitled:  University of Manitoba Perspectives of Closed Circuit Television Surveillance:  Findings Concerning Effectiveness and Privacy Based on Survey and Interview Research.  The study concluded that an overwhelming 74.36% of the University population questioned in the survey felt that the Security Services Department should expand the use of CCTV surveillance on campus and 79.40% felt that the use of CCTV is not an invasion of their personal privacy.







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