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Hello students from Grade Four!

A very famous Manitoban is Louis Riel.

This website tells his story and the impact of his life on Manitoba.

The materials found on the following webpages come from the University of Manitoba Archives. An archives is a place filled with boxes of diaries, drawings, photographs, maps, newspapers, rare books, government reports and many other pieces of our past. Historians are like detectives. They use the information they find in these materials to try to learn more about the lives of those who lived before us. Each piece is like a clue in a mystery. The more clues we have, the more likely we can solve the mystery!

Archives Boxes
Archives Researcher
Example of photograph
Example of diary entry
Example of drawing
Rare Book

Now you be the historian and work on the puzzle of Louis Riel and the Metis. We will give you clues from the University of Manitoba Archives' collections. You can work your way through each module yourself or follow the teacher's instructions. This is an important part of our history!