Program Components
The Research Centre for Globalization and Cultural Studies was established to support the research program of the Canada Research Chair in Globalization and Cultural Studies. Start up costs for the centre were funded out of three sources: 40% Canada Foundation for Innovation; 40% Manitoba government; and 20% locally, through the Faculty of Arts. An interim advisory board has been established and a constitution adopted. We are in the process of establishing procedures of various kinds which will be set out in a continually updated manual.

The centre provides infrastructure for collaborative research undertaken by the CRC and her research associates. The computers, interactive white board and video link were installed in May 2008.

The space and equipment in the centre provide research associates with an enhanced profile, enabling collaborative work locally and with national and international visitors to the centre. In addition, they provide a location and a community for visiting graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. While the centre has been able to sponsor selected international students for visiting fellowships funded by CBIE, the centre has no funds of its own to provide awards to students or other researchers. The centre maintains a web presence for the research conducted by the Canada Research Chair in Globalization and Cultural Studies, for those associates with whom she is collaborating and the students with whom she is working.