Policies and Procedures
“International collaboration in the social sciences and humanities has always been an intrinsic part of doing research. Now as globalization heightens its importance, collaboration is crucial to sustaining excellence in Canadian research and training. It secures access to the world pool of knowledge, helps us address critical national and global issues, and provides training opportunities that prepare Canadian students to thrive in an increasingly interdependent world.” (SSHRC statement)

In keeping with the philosophy articulated by SSHRC above, centre activities strive to be international, interdisciplinary, intergenerational, collaborative, and increasingly multilingual. This philosophy animates the three inter-connected areas of current research focus: critical literacies, national and global imaginaries, and building global democracy.

The Centre for Globalization and Cultural Studies (GCS) was established with funding from the Canada Foundation for InnovationManitoba Innovation Research Fund, and the University of Manitoba. 

Funding has also been received from the Government of Canada Awards Program  which is funded by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT). The agency responsible for financial and administrative matters is the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE).