Director's Research
Diana Brydon FRSC
Canada Research Chair in Globalization and Cultural Studies 


Global Imaginaries and Canadian Culture

"Imaginaries" are the representational systems that both mediate reality and form identities. In her research as a Canada Research Chair, Dr. Diana Brydon is examining how "global imaginaries" are changing notions of home, belonging, and citizenship as well as posing new challenges to local and national communities.

Brydon, an internationally recognized scholar in the fields of postcolonial literary and cultural studies, is researching the effects of globalization. Her research program has three target areas. In the first area, she investigates representations of "home," primarily in analytical, literary, and visual culture. She asks: How do images and descriptions of home shift ideas of accountability, belonging, and social responsibility?

In a second area, Brydon focuses on how cosmopolitanism, diaspora studies, and theories of "planetarity" are transforming the structure and practice of various academic disciplines and reconfiguring cultural studies.

Brydon’s third area of research is answering the question of how globalization is changing what people need to know and learn, how people can communicate their understanding, and how governance practices can be adjusted to ensure continued social well being.

Brydon’s goal is to assess and develop ways in which research into globalization and the analysis of cultural practices can contribute to furthering trans-cultural understanding and interdisciplinary collaboration, both within Canada and abroad. Her research is providing important new insight into Canada’s social, economic, and cultural development.