Creative Manitoban Talents of Ukrainian Heritage Ukrainian Arts in Canada

The information here represents a first attempt to identify Manitoba Canadians of Ukrainian heritage who have contributed to the arts. Additions are welcome. Individuals listed are either Manitoba born or have made their contribution in Manitoba. Included are artists, sculptors, writers, performers, singers, and others.

This page is incomplete and in progress. Annotations are not yet complete.


Honore Ewach

Maara Haas

Mykyta Mandryka. Community activist, writer, poet.

William Paluk. Author Canadian Cossacks. One of the first Ukrainian Canadian books to appear in English.

Paul Crath. (Ukrainian name is Paul Krat).

Vera Lysenko Yellow Boots. First Ukrainian Canadian novel in English

Paul Grescoe. Author of Flesh Wound and Blood Vessel featuring Dan Rudnicky, the first Ukrainian Canadian detective.

Andrew Suknaski. Wood Mountain Poems.



Myroslav Irchan. Leftist writer of some reknown bought to Canada by the ULFTA in the 1920s to activize the Ukrainian Canadian community. Published prolifically in Canada.

Semen Kovbel

Olexander Luhovy

Pylyp Ostapchuk

Ted Galay. Tsymbaly (performed at Winnipeg's Manitoba Theatre Centre); Sweet and Sour Pickles, After Baba's Funeral (performed at Winnipeg's Prairie Theatre Exchange).



Cecil Semchyshyn. Founded Folklorama.

Mimi Kuzyk. Hollywood Actress. Her profile at

Tamara Gorski. Hollywood actress. Her profile at

Ed Evanko. Hollywood actor. His profile at

Joan Karasevich. Hollywood actress. Her profile at


Olga Pavlova

Joy Brittan

Alex Tichonvych

Todaschuk Sisters, Rosemarie and Charlene. Their website at Also the Electronic Press Kit and CD Baby with Sound Clips are also available.



Yevhen Turula

Olexander Koshetz

Walter Klymkiw

Donna Grescoe

Pavlo Macenko

Alexis Kochan

Danny Schur

Chantel Kreviaziuk

Randy Bachman

Wally Koster



Roman Kowal

Yakiv Maidanyk

Leo Mol

Bill Lobchuk

Don Proch

William Kurelek

Vera Senchuk (Icons)

Nazar Polataiko (Icons)

Olya Marko

Roman Rozumnyj

Dimitrij Farkavec

Peter Kuch. Cartoonist-satirist.


Country Music

Mickey and Bunny. Ukrainian country music performed in Ukrainian and English.

D-Drifters 5.

Jim Gregorash

Peter Lamb



Ukrainian Bands

Taran. Ukrainian dance band & traditional folk band in a modern, young style.

Shoom. Ukrainian/Old Time/Modern.



High Profile. Ukrainian and All-around Dance Band

Ambrose Brothers Band. Ukrainian/Old time/Classic Rock/Country.

Canadian Rhythm Masters. Ukrainian/Old Time/Swing/etc.

Female Beat. Upbeat dance music/Ukrainian.

Kalyna. Ukrainian/Country/Swing/Classic Rock.

Ukrainian Old Timers. Variety/Comedy/Superb Dance band.



Denis Hlynka. Host and writer of Ukrainian Concert Hall (1982-3). 11 week series of Ukrainian classical music on CBC-FM Manitoba. First (and still the only) radio series focusing exclusively on Ukrainian classical music.

Andria Ratusky, CBC broadcaster

Robert Klymasz, folkorist.



William Pura

John Melnyk

Jim Hiscott

Danny Schur



Ukrainian Male Chorus. Significant Ukrainian Canadian group conducted by Walter Bohonos. Winner of major music trophies

O. Koshetz Choir

Rusalka Dancers





John Paskiveich

Roman Kroiter. Saskatchewan born, University of Manitoba graduate (MA), significant NFB director,. Works include Paul Tomkowicz (1950) and Universe. The latter had a significant influence on Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Oddysey. Invented the IMAX



Robert, Klymasz


Non Ukrainian contributions

Florence Livesay. Significant Manitoba poet not of Ukrainian heritage, but who translated Ukrainian folksongs in English. Songs of Ukraina.

Gabrielle Roy. French Canadian writer who wrote extensively about Ukrainian themes and characters in Rue Deschambeau (Street of Riches), Garden in the Wind, and Where Nests the Water Hen.

Margaret Lawrence, Significant Canadian writer. Used Ukrainian characters in her novel A Jest of God, which was filmed in Hollywood by Paul Newman and starring Joanne Woodward titled Rachel Rachel.

W. H. Valgardson. Significant Manitoba writer of Icelandic descent. Several of his short stories including The Pedlar are on Ukrainian themes.

Watson Kirkconnell. Significant Canadian historian and writer. His epic poem, The Flying Bull and Other Tales, in the style of Chaucer includes at least one Ukrainian Canadian story.

Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. Over the years the WSO has performed significant Ukrainian classical works including Dankevich's Taras Shevchenko, Lysenko's Overture to Taras Bulba (conducted variously by Yuri Lutsiv, Piero Gamba and Bramwell Tovey, Revutsky's Piano Concerto, Silvestrov's Symphony #2. A. Levkovich's There is no end to my sorrow. Conducted by Andrij Boreyko, Fiala's Violin Concerto performed by Stephen Staryk, and Black Elegy by Stankovich.

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