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Feature Stories by Date (1986 January to 1988 November)

The Lillian H. Smith Collection and the Canadiana Collection of the Toronto Public Library
Press, Marian
1986 January

Camilla Gryski: A profile
Author unknown
1986 March

Continuing the Mission of the Canada Studies Foundation
Author unknown
1986 May

Playwrights Union of Canada
Author unknown
1986 July

French Immersion and School Libraries
Harber, Philip
1986 September

The Children's Book Centre and Communication Jeunesse
Davis, Virginia
1986 November

Rick and Judy
Buchanan, Christine
1987 January

Les "Ados,"
Harber, Philip K.
1987 March

The Youth Science Foundation... Something for Everyone
Evens, Cynthia G.
1987 May

Teaching Development
Nelson, Gayle
1987 September

Notable Canadian Materials: An Overview of 1986 in Canadian Children's Literature
Press, Marian
1987 November

1986 Notable Canadian Illustrated Children's Books
Weller, Joan
1988 January

Notable Canadian Materials: Young Adult Fiction
Ellis, Sarah
1988 January

1986 Notable Canadian Children's Fiction
Saltman, Judith
1988 March

1986 Notable Canadian Non-fiction for Children
Jobe, Ron
1988 March

French Language Encyclopedias
Harber, Philip
1988 May

Information Books for Children: The Current Scene
Jobe, Ronald
1988 May

1987 Notable Canadian Picture-Books
Weller, Joan
1988 July

Writing Biographies for Schools: Pleasures and Pitfalls
Wilson, Keith
1988 July

1987 Notable Canadian Audio Visual Materials
Caldwell, John
1988 September

1987 Notable Canadian Non-fiction for Children
Winham, Linda
1988 November

1987 Notable Canadian Young Adult Fiction
Ellis, Sarah
1988 November

Tim Wynne-Jones: A Profile
Fogel, Melanie
1988 November

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