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Donald E. Hamilton
Chairman Canadian School Library Association 1972-1973

Volume 1 Number 1

The lack of Canadian material for the Canadian student has long been decried as a national calamity. It has been reasonably easy to justify or rationalize that condition with rhetoric about the huge geographical separations, the small market potential, the purchasing patterns of school boards, and the massive media outpourings from the United States. Canadian Materials 1971 should destroy much of that rationalization. A glance through these pages will illustrate dramatically that Canadian materials are being produced and are readily available. What has been missing in Canada was an organized definitive means of making these materials known to the Canadian educator. It is possible that this list and its planned, annual companions will actually encourage the increased production of quality Canadian materials for schools, by offering to publishers and producers an efficient means to reach their audience.

Canadian Materials 1971 is the result of an enormous effort in time, a prodigious expenditure of talent and an incredible amount of patience. Irene McCordick and her Committee were faced with the need to define an idea, develop a complete set of criteria to meet that idea, create mechanisms for the compilation and editing and finally produce this list. We owe them an enormous debt.

Canadian Materials 1971 received financial assistance for its production from the Federal Government through the Secretary of State as part of the International Book Year grants. Your continued support, coupled with these funds; will assist the Canadian Library Association to maintain the project as an annual compilation.

Donald E. Hamilton, Chairman Canadian School Library Association 1972-1973

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