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Allen Morgan.
Pictures by Franklin Hammond.

Toronto, Kids Can Press, c1981.
48pp, paper, $9.95 (paperbound boards), $3.95 (paper).
ISBN 0-919964-72-9 (paperbound boards), 0-919964-40-0 (paper).

Grades 1-3.
Reviewed by Margaret Montgomery.

Volume 10 Number 4.
1982 November.

Along with Molly and Mr. Maloney, this title was written by Alien Morgan for the new series, Kids-Can-Read Books, "the most important new Canadian series of books for children this season," to quote the publisher.

There are six segments, following what is becoming a standard easy-to-read format. In this story, Christopher discovers a mysterious button at the back of the coat closet, pushes it, and arrives in a cloud town where he finds giants watering their cloud gardens, making it rain down below. The giants raise clouds, and when they harvest them by blasting them loose, it creates thunder and lightning. The print is large and clear, the paper is of decent quality, the plasticized paper cover is sturdy, and the glue is strong in this well-made paperback version. Well-done illustrations in two colours grace most pages. The Fry graph reading level is grade 1. The one thing I did not like was this one bit of Madison Avenue English: "Near each button was an arrow. One pointing up and one pointing down." It is unnecessary. Recommended. Let's have more good Canadian books for children in the primary grades.

Margaret Montgomery, West Vernon E. S., Vemon, BC.
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