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Bobbie Kalman.

Toronto, Crab tree Publishing, c1981.
64pp, paperbound boards, $11.15 (paperbound boards), $7.95 (paper).
ISBN 0-86505-007-4 (paperbound boards), 0-86505-008-2 (paper).

Grades 4 and up.
Reviewed by Sue Easun.

Volume 10 Number 4.
1982 November.

Thank heavens Bobbie Kalman has not yet run out of steam! This, her fourth contribution to the five-volume Early Settler Life series, shows her to be as well informed as ever, and still able to put across her ideas with rare and refreshing humour.

A fact is a fact to Kalman, and there is no mistaking its importance when it can be found neatly placed in short, revealing sentences, content to accompany and not to dominate an illustration of far richer detail. However, she is also aware that a fact without a context is useless information, particularly for those who must face an audience of word-weary classmates or teachers all too familiar with the rudiments of their assignments; so she scatters here and there (and not as randomly as might at first appear) a delightful array of parallels, contrasts and alternatives, pictorial captions inviting response, and even a suggestion or two for a little role-playing. What ensures the success of this approach is Kalman's ability not only to instinctively feel but structurally design a number of strategic points where the challenge of further exploration can best be grasped by the young inquiring mind-no mean accomplishment these days. Highly recommended.

Sue Easun, Toronto, ON.
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