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Allen Morgan.
Pictures by Maryann Kowalski.

Toronto, Kids Can Press, c1981.
46pp, paper, $9.95 (paper-bound boards), $3.95 (paper).
ISBN 0-919964-73-7 (paper-bound boards), 91996441-9 260 (paper).

Grades K-2.
Reviewed by Carol Steedman.

Volume 10 Number 4.
1982 November.

This book contains three imaginative short stories that involve three main characters: a young girl, Molly, a neighbourly old man, Mr. Maloney, and his unnamed pet raccoon.

In the story "Molly and the Broken Egg," Molly is sent to buy eggs for her mother. On her way home she meets Mr. Maloney who also has a carton of eggs. They trade because his eggs are much bigger. Later, one egg cracks and hatches a dinosaur that eats garbage, much to the delight of two garbage men whose truck has broken down. They keep the dinosaur, and Molly returns home to tell the story to her mother.

"Molly and the Happy Birthday Peanut Butter Sandwich" relates the hard efforts of Molly and Mr. Maloney to create a ceiling-high surprise peanut butter birthday sandwich for the raccoon. However, a rather ungrateful animal, he only likes crunchy peanut butter, and so Molly and Mr. Maloney have to eat all of it by themselves.

The last story, "Molly and the Messy Bath," is about Molly who is allowed to bath on her own if she does not make a mess. She carefully puts dirty clothes in the hamper and takes a bath without making a mess, but the raccoon climbs in through the window. He dumps bubble bath and creates havoc, then leaves. Molly has to work very hard to clean up, but is happily tucked into bed by her mother.

Each story is imaginative with amusing, colourful pictures. The conversations are somewhat stilted since there are very few word contractions. However, this, combined with large print and wide spacing, make it easier to read.

Carol Steedman, North Ward-West Dumfries P. S., Parts, ON.
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