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Monica Hughes.

London (UK), Franklin Watts, c1982.
129pp, cloth, $11.95.
ISBN 0-86203-069-2.

Grades 6-9.
Reviewed by Barbara Conquest.

Volume 10 Number 4.
1982 November.

Slowly, inexorably, the ice is moving south. Unless the scientists working in the City in the Hill can find a way to halt its progress, the ice will inevitably cover much of the northern hemisphere, resulting in widespread famine and disaster for the entire world—another Ice Age.

Liza, feeling stifled by life in the City and unhappy with the routine tasks assigned to females, determines to escape by stowing away on the male scientists' annual research expedition to the ice fields. She thinks that when she is discovered it will be too late to send her back, and for once she will have an adventure. The vehicle in which she is hidden is left by the scientists as a cache for their supplies to be used on the return trip several months in the future. Since the men are unaware that Liza is there, she is left entirely alone Outside. She is found and befriended by an Eko family. Because she finds them more loving and concerned with human values than her real family, indeed than her entire society, she is torn two ways by the inevitable conflict between the two cultures when they meet.

For the first time in her life, Liza is moved to question the validity of technology as all-important; for the first time in her life she is forced to make a truly meaningful decision that will affect others' lives.

Although the characters in this book are rather more one-dimensional and stereotyped than one expects from Monica Hughes, she remains a master of juvenile science fiction, and her fans will enjoy this book.

Barbara Conquest, D. S. MacKenzie J. H. S., Edmonton, AB.
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