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K.E.D. Associates, 1982.
Distributed by Learning Tree.
Audiotape. 1 cassette in folder. $14.95.
Includes teacher's guide.

Grades 4-6.
Reviewed by Ann Fiske and Anna Holman.

Volume 11 Number 1.
1983 January.

The tape presentation, Crocodiles, has excellent possibilities for individual or group learning centres. The idea of crocodiles as inspiration for language arts is a good one. Children are fascinated by reptiles, and the bigger and fiercer, the better. By choosing an almost mythical creature about which to fantasize, the author has achieved her primary objective: "to 'trigger' motivation in the child for expression in Language Arts."

Her second and third objectives are "to focus on the ability to extract information from oral sources" and "to contribute to the listening skills, literacy and imagination of children." All three objectives might have been better achieved by expanding the material into four lessons. As it stands, one side of the tape presents factual information; the other side is crocodile myths. Had the myths been told as stories rather than as beliefs, they could have painted brighter word pictures and served as creative examples.

The booklet, included as a guide for both teacher and student offers good suggestions for activities and thought-provoking questions. The background music is suitable and helps stimulate the imagination. More use could be made of it. The slow pace and inflection of the narrator's voice make the tape sound rather patronizing. The technical quality of the tape is good. Listening time for each side is approximately ten minutes.

Ann Fiske and Anna Holman, Faculty of Education, University of Western Ontario, London, ON.
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