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Clive E. Goodwin.

Toronto, University of Toronto Press, c1982.
248pp, paper, $12.50.
ISBN 0-8020-6494-9.

Grades 7 and up.
Reviewed by Hugh A. Cook.

Volume 11 Number 1.
1983 January.

Goodwin, a freelance naturalist, lives in Weston, Ontario, and is author of A Bird Finding Guide to the Toronto Region.

The statement "Where the birds are and how to get there," which is printed at the bottom of the jacket cover, is exactly what this book is all about. Bird descriptions, habits, and habitats are not included. However, when the birds nest in a given area, it is generally noted.

The author has divided Ontario into six regions for the purpose of locating birds common to a particular area. By using the table of contents, two introductory chapters, a guide "For the Visitor" to Ontario, a list of bird guides, "Systematic Lists," twelve maps, an excellent cross-referencing index, and detailed instructions on how to reach 217 good birding places, the birds of Ontario are easily located (at least on paper).

Although I am not familiar with most of the listings, the locations that I do know have been accurately described, and many of the birds noted have been observed in the areas. As the author states, a good road map is essential for the proper use of this guide.

Any serious bird watchers should definitely include this book as part of their reference collections.

Hugh A. Cook, Spenvalley P. S., Downsview, ON.
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