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Jean Malloch.

Toronto, Doubleday, c1981.
7-15pp, paper, $9.75.
(1. About Me ISBN 0-385-17661-9
2. Bluebird, Bluebird ISBN 0-385-17667-8
3. Come to the Parade ISBN 0-385-17664-3
4. Going on a Picnic ISBN 0-385-17668-6
5. Rake the Leaves ISBN 0-385-17662-7 6.
Star Light, Star Bright ISBN 0-385-17665-1
7. Teddy Bear ISBN 0-385-17663-5).


Jean Malloch.

Toronto, Doubleday, c1981.
184pp, paper, $8.90.
ISBN 0-385-17669-4.

Grades K-3.
Reviewed by Robert Bruinsma.

Volume 11 Number 1.
1983 January.

"Chime In " states the foreword to this program, "has been written to satisfy the needs of teachers who are interested in providing a non-prescriptive, integrated program and in putting into practice the psycholinguistic theory of reading." Although this latter, rather technical sounding phrase may scare off some teachers, it need not since Chime In is, in reality, a very useful aid for implementing a Language Experience Approach (LEA) to the teaching of beginning reading. Though reading is the primary focus, the creative arts, writing, and mathematics are also woven into the program in an effective manner. Additional resources for these other areas in the K-l curriculum will, however, have to be found to supplement it.

The Chime In program is built around thirteen themes that will be appealing to beginning schoolers. Twenty-three introductory pages are devoted to describing the purpose and implementation of the program as well as providing scope and sequence overviews and source lists for program support materials. Seven small student booklets accompany the teacher's manual and are a helpful, personalized resource for introducing young children to books.

This beginning reading and language arts program is well conceived and planned and has about it a refreshing simplicity that will allow the competent primary teacher to teach rather than manage a reading/language arts program. Although no phonics enthusiasts need apply, this program is recommended to imaginative, confident teachers who have always wanted to implement a Language Approach program but needed a little less theory and a bit more concrete structure than many other LEA programs provide.

Robert Bruinsma, King's College, Edmonton, AB.
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