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Ontario Association for the Mentally Retarded, 1982.
Distributed by Belsten Publishing, 25 Planchet Rd., Unit 7, Maple, ON, L0J1E0.
Kit. $125.00. Includes 108-35mm slides.
1 audiocassette, 37 overhead/ditto masters in plastic binder, 2 teacher's guides.

Grades 9 and up.
Reviewed by P. J. Hammel.

Volume 11 Number 2.
1983 March.

The general objectives of this kit are identified as "to educate students about the biological causes of mental retardation and other handicaps; to impress upon each student his or her individual responsibility to provide the best possible start in life for children by careful family .planning and appropriate adjustments in lifestyle before and during pregnancy; to provide students with all the available knowledge about how to reduce the risk of giving birth to a child with a handicap; to make students more aware of the serious moral issues, both for the individual and society, which are involved in certain aspects of prevention and mental retardation." The Ontario Association for the Mentally Retarded is to be commended for both this clear, frank statement of objectives and the thorough discussion of the causes and prevention of mental retardation, particularly in view of the high incidence of such handicaps in teenage pregnancies.

The issue of mental retardation and its biological causes are introduced by the slide/tape presentation: "Happy Birth Day!" Because of the interchanging of cartoon drawings and photographs for no apparent reason, because inconsistencies between the tape narration and the printed script cause initial confusion, and because the review tape did not include an alternate narration with audible signal for manual advancement, this may be the weakest element of the kit. Fortunately, the rest of the kit is clearly presented and thorough in its exposition of information.

Thirty-seven overhead/ditto masters are included in a plastic binder with the teacher's guides. These masters provide additional information and activities that can be offered to students. They are keyed to specific points in the class learning experiences. Unfortunately, they are not listed anywhere by number and title in order that a teacher might have ready access to them independently of the specific learning experiences.

Introduction and Overview: Teacher's Guide, as the title suggests, provides an introduction to the kit. Also included are: background information for the teacher, the script of the slide/tape presentation, suggestions for a learning exercise (lesson) for use with the slide/tape presentation and an extensive list of resources that provide additional information about the mentally handicapped.

Topics For Further Study: Teacher's Guide provides for the study of three additional topics: "Risk Factors Associated With Teenage Pregnancy," "Lifestyle and Pregnancy," "Inherited Risk Factors." In each case the guide provides background information for the teacher, one or two class learning experiences, suggested student assignments, and lists of references and resources. The guide concludes with another general list of resources and a glossary.

The Ontario Association for the Mentally Retarded, with an obvious investment in the central issue, has, with this kit, provided for the thorough study of mental retardation, its causes and its risks in teenage pregnancies. Teachers of health, physical education, family studies, and others will welcome this excellent presentation, especially for its intensive coverage and its extensive lists of additional resources.

P. J. Hammel, College of Education, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK.
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