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Gail Reybolds.

Toronto, D.C. Heath, c1982.
44pp, paper, $4.95.
ISBN 0-669-95040-8.

Grades 6-8.
Reviewed by Michael Freeman.

Volume 11 Number 3.
1983 May.

Convincing today's "electronic age" child that physical fitness for its own sake can be both worthwhile and fun is no easy task. Gail Reynolds, a professor of exercise physiology at the University of New Brunswick, has designed an eight to ten lesson unit of fitness theory for twelve- to fourteen-year-old students in her province, with this booklet as the accompanying text.

In an attempt to cover a broad spectrum of essential information within a very few pages, the author has fallen prey to several of the pitfalls common to those unaccustomed to writing for youth. The introduction paints a stern black-and-white picture of the fit and unfit teenager; even the most naive child will realize that the majority of people fit into a grey middle ground of physical conditioning. A well-reasoned discussion of aerobic and anaerobic energy, flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance does provide useful information for the interested reader. However, the long section on fitness testing, with its insistence on continuous self-testing, and the complex charts that accompany the rather arbitrary procedures, are bound to lose all but the most dedicated student. The penultimate chapter on principles of fitness summarizes effectively the earlier ideas as •does the succinct list of fitness "commandments" that concludes the text.

In summary, a valiant but uneven attempt to bring the essentials of fitness home to the video generation, whose appreciation of physical activity seldom goes beyond the swift-moving images on the screen.

Michael Freeman, Downsview S. S., Downsview, ON.
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