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Alan Bramson.

Toronto, Wiley, c1982.
252pp, cloth, $29.95.
ISBN 0471-79817-7.

Reviewed by Janet E. Goldack.

Volume 11 Number 3.
1983 May.

Throughout aviation history, the complex feat of landing has been of concern to both the student and the experienced pilot. The steps to a "greaser" landing are clearójudging the approach, checking the descent and holdingóbut the exercise proves to be difficult, even for those with a good eye and above average co-ordination. Due to his genuine concern for pilot safety, Alan Bramson, experienced pilot and author, presents four goals in this comprehensive volume: "1. to advise the pilot under training on the aspects of landing, 2. to assist the instructor with a student who seems unable to learn how to cope with the problem, 3. to offer a few hints to qualified pilots.. ., and 4. to explain how to handle those difficult landing conditions."

The nine concise chapters provide practical advice for landing various types of aircraft (jet and turboprop) under specific conditions, e.g., crosswind and short field. A lack of information on night landings, instrument approaches, and asymmetric landings is noted. An appendix, index, abbreviations list, and the many instructional two-colour diagrams add to the usefulness of this publication. Bramson's first book Be a Better Pilot* was reviewed previously.

*Reviewed XI/1 January 1983 p.38.

Janet E. Goldack, Cecil Rhodes and Clifton E. S., Winnipeg, MB.
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