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Lynn Manuel.

Toronto, Gage Publishing, c1982.
144pp, paper, $2.95.
ISBN 0-7715-7000-7.

Grades 5-8.
Reviewed by Nancy E. Black.

Volume 11 Number 3.
1983 May.

The Mystery of the Ghostly Riders has several elements that make this a successful mystery. The story, set in the present, is about the Fern family who spend the summer in Hamilton, Ontario to help with Turner Stubblefield's book about the rebellion of 1837.

Upon their arrival, the Ferns immediately help with some of the research, much to Gaylan Stubblefield's annoyance. Gaylan, feeling left out, starts a series of pranks intending to frighten the Ferns into leaving. Her antics do indeed scare Tritch, Teddy, and Tory, as well as contribute to the suspense of the plot.

Good sleuth work on the part of the Fern children lead to an exciting climax of several discoveries. A forgotten tunnel is found, and Gaylan's pranks are explained. More importantly, in terms of Turner's book, they learn that ancestor Andrew Stubblefield was instrumental in the rebellion, thus solving the mysterious disappearance of Andrew and his daughter Banbury.

This novel, with its appealing cover, reads quickly, characters are developed, the sub-plots well handled, and the suspense builds to a believable climax. The pencil illustrations add to the story but may turn away older readers. Lynn Manuel has also written Mystery at Cranberry Farm.* Recommended.

*Reviewed vol. X/l 1982 p.19.

Nancy E. Black, Dartmouth R. L., Dartmouth, NS.
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