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Ottawa, Geographical Services Directorate, Surveys and Mapping Branch, Energy, Mines and Resources Canada, c1982.
Distributed by Canadian Government Publishing Centre #M61-101-1982E.
3 maps in folder. $5.95.
ISBN 0-660-11166-7.

Grades 8 and up.
Reviewed by Robin Lewis.

Volume 11 Number 4.
1983 July.

The fifth edition of the National Atlas of Canada will be a collection of about eighty-five loose sheets, each approximately 80 x 90cm. The Canada Then and Now selection shows the complementary nature of three of them.

The map, "Canada", shows modern physical features, political divisions, transport routes, and population distribution. It is clearly presented in a familiar format, with information current as of 1982 (e.g., Fort Chimo is now Kuujjuaq).

"CanadaŚConfederation" similarly shows this area as of 1867 with the four founding provinces delineated. Old canals and fur trading posts are shown. Territory unmapped at that time is shown in white, interesting, but easy to confuse with glaciers, high ground, or foreign territory. Marginalia include a brief historical bibliography.

"Canada-Territorial Evolution" is a remarkably successful attempt to overlay on one large sheet information similar to that found on the sequence of twenty-four tiny historical maps in the previous edition of the atlas. Some simplicity is lost in the new map, but the marginal chronology helps offset this. The big advantage of course, is that it can be readily compared with the others in this set, as well as with forthcoming sheets of the fifth edition atlas.

Considered as a set, the uniform format and fine detail encourages desktop comparisons, although the large size of the sheets makes this awkward. The fine scholarship and superb production ensure that correlation of these maps will reward all levels of student, if interest is even peripherally historical or geographical. These beautiful maps will particularly appeal to teachers who found the tiny fourth edition charts lacking in physiographic or cultural detail or too small for demonstration purposes.

Robin Lewis, Riverdale H. S., Montreal, QC.
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