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Edited by Jane Beaumont and Donald Krueger.

Ottawa, Canadian Library Association, c1983.
123pp, paper, Spiral bound, $12.00.
ISBN 0-88802-1704.

Reviewed by Jean Farquharson.

Volume 11 Number 4.
1983 July.

This publication contains the proceedings of the workshop of the same name organized for the 1982 CLA Conference. There were eight sessions provided by seven contributors, ranging in level of difficulty from how to begin if one knows nothing about computers to how to make special applications of microcomputers in a research and development library that has used mainframes for years.

In his very excellent keynote address, Howard Fosdick outlines the historical development of microcomputer hardware and software capabilities and what practical uses we can make now and in the future. Topics covered in other sessions include using the micro as a management tool, selecting ready-made software for applications in libraries, bulletin board systems, data base management systems (DBMSs), and special applications in research. Jane Beaumont's two contributions on applications software and DBMSs are particularly practical because she has included checklists and tables to assist the reader in analysing needs and capabilities in systems applications. Although some overlapping of topics exists, topics are limited to applications made by librarians; no mention has been made of applications involving library patrons (computer-assisted learning, literacy courses, machine rentals, etc.).

There are two appendices: one contains four pages of applications of microcomputers in libraries. The other contains sources of information including clubs, user groups, directories, magazines, and journals, etc. Each contributor has supplied excellent sources as well. There is no index.

This book is recommended for all librarians who want to learn how to make special management or communications applications of microcomputers.

Jean Farquharson, Brant ford C. I. & V. S., Brantford, ON.
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