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Charlotte Vale Allen.

Toronto, Seal Books, c!981, 1983.
253pp, paper, $3.50.
ISBN 0-7704-1749-3.

Reviewed by Margaret S. MacLean.

Volume 11 Number 4.
1983 July.

The author of Destinies and Daddy's Girl, Charlotte Alien, has here written a story set in the Midlands of England. It is the old, old girl-meets-boy story. The girl has a hare-lip, and the boy is a veritable Greek god and an actor to boot, but they need each other and bring out the best in each other. Sarah works in a nursing home until she is sacked. Simon repairs cars and makes love to "the lads" until he meets Sarah and his acting career takes off like a comet. The language and setting are English and may prove problematic for some.

The story begins dramatically. Sarah was so deformed as a baby that her spoiled but beautiful parents announce that she had died at birth. They keep her locked away for seven years, and she is found only inadvertently. This opening is powerfully told, and whenever the story reverts to those first seven years of her life, that power reasserts itself.

The title derives from the belief that Sarah and Simon could never be successful partners. Sarah is well educated and middle class; Simon's language, as his background, is working class. They are "perfect fools" to think that a love such as theirs could work.

Margaret S. MacLean, Central Technical School, Toronto, ON.
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